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It’s bizarre I don’t understand they have the same God as the Christians and they can’t wait to die, if they cause your death they convinced themselves that they did you a favor because you got to Jesus sooner.

They worship the same god as the Catholics, why don’t the Catholics want people to go to Jesus? Isn’t it supposed to be the promised land?


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Oh I remember your post thank you for the update. You live in Manchester right? I had the same issue when I lived in Portsmouth, not with a trailer, but with a guy who owned an Airbnb telling his Airbnb tenants they could park in a parking lot with spaces that were clearly labeled for the apartment building that was right there.

It was crazy because it was a car with Massachusetts plates in my Portsmouth New Hampshire parking space with the sign directly in front of the car that says resident parking only with the address that I lived at listed. The police wouldn’t help they said the landlord would have to have the car towed, it was on a weekend so the rental office was closed and the answering service was not helpful. I ended up sitting in my car and honking the horn until they came out to move their car. The second time that happened I looked up the tax bill and I tracked down the jerk who owned the place and I let him know that his tenants were parking in my parking space and also I believe at that time Airbnb was not even legal in Portsmouth so if it happened again I would be complaining to everyone in the city. It did not happen again.


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I’m so curious about this, did you wake up one day to find a strange camper in your driveway, or did you tell someone they could put it there and then they just never came back

No judgment on you either way, I’m just laughing but not in a ha ha way about waking up to find some random camper in my driveway. Wtf

The police are such failures, what do you mean there’s nothing they can do, if I chucked a bag of chips out the window and they saw me they could tag me for littering but I could leave a whole entire vehicle in some random person’s driveway and they won’t do anything about it? This is good to know.