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Disagree. You can't handle the truth more squarely puts the onus on them ignoring what's before their eyes. It's an accusation in itself. The context that comes loaded with that accusation is what gives the line its power.


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It's actually one syllable less, no? But trimming is definitely not the right word to use. It was a significant change in meaning and that's what makes it famous. Not that it's shorter.


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Safe word, absolutely yes. But is no one talking about how she almost burnt the house down? And that her actual beahviour is becoming increasingly reckless and erratic? Surely there's something bigger at play here that should be addressed beyond a safe word?


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In the US (well at least my school district in Minneapolis) it oriented around a school calendar i.e. those born September 2000 to August 2001 were all in the same class. People born in September and October were always the oldest in their class. Long story short this graph and the interpretation of this graph is wrong for a number of geographical and cultural inconsistencies.


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What you might see as segregation a business or brand might see as understanding the wealth and purchasing power of specific demographics for targeting purposes. Its why when you search "Black Pound" on Google you'll find plenty of articles discussing the monetary opportunity of black British and other ethnic minority consumers.