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It is nice to know that females with higher drives/more willingness to have sex/more obsessiveness over sex that are paired with male partners with lower/inhibited desire typically don’t have the relationship issues seen when it’s the other way around, though there are still issues. That’s one thing I got out of it, but I could have misinterpreted.


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To add,

“It was interesting and surprising that for females obsessive sexual passion toward their current relationship was never a negative,” Busby said. “This is likely because in general females are more likely to have an inhibited sexual passion style, so they and their partner may be likely to feel like she is a bit obsessive when in fact she is in a healthy and normal place regarding her sexual passion whenever she isn’t inhibited.”

“Even if she is actually obsessive about her sexuality with her partner, this may be a net positive situation as she and her partner evaluate the sexual relationship as more important than the typical couple, so it does not appear to have any negative effects.”

Overall, the study showed that inhibited sexual passion had a strong negative effect on sexual satisfaction of both partners.


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It’s pretty limited. They were closely studying heterosexual couples where the male had an obsessive sexual passion and the female had an inhibited sexual passion.

Here’s the meat:

Results showed that obsessive sexual passion interacts with inhibited sexual passion in their effects on sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction of partners was reduced when men exercised little control over their sexual passion (obsessive sexual passion) and their female partner exercised too much control (inhibited sexual passion).

“Because partners in sexual relationships typically use each other as reference points to evaluate their sexuality, they cannot think of their sexual passion as an individual matter,” Busby told PsyPost. “Consequently, when one person feels or is labelled as obsessive in their sexuality the other partner is likely to have the opposite label.”