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The dwarf mongoose played dead to try and play with the hornbill. They are symbiotic species; the mongooses stir up bugs and such that the hornbills eat. The narrators had never observed that behavior before. I can’t stop laughing whenever I watch it! Glad you enjoyed it.


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Old old jewelers trick is to boil it in water with a few drops of dish soap and a splash of vinegar for about ten minutes. The bubbles in the water loosen grime and body oils. Rinse under hot water with sink plugged and brush with a soft toothbrush. Repeat if necessary.


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Chilling tonight, cooking all the things tomorrow. The cold has put a temporary kibosh on plans today but tomorrow will be filled with Christmas cheer. Just finished the last Harry Potter movie and am moving on to something else now.


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It works. Your instance may be extreme, but saying that it doesn’t work is spreading misinformation. If a home’s pipes run inside an outside wall they may freeze more easily than if they are being replenished by underground non-frozen water under a house or inside insulation. Mr. Charles here knows what he’s talking about, and this article may help clarify why your in-laws’ precaution didn’t work.

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They’re adorable. I’m a huge sucker for tabbies. Mine would do the same and sometimes I’d just wrap the paper around them and tape it like they were a present. Not tightly, and they’d then run around and leave me alone for a few minutes. Rinse and repeat. Wasted paper. Totally worth it, especially if your cats have a sense of humor.

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Under a blanket with a glass of wine and a movie (not sure which yet). Plugged in my oil-filled radiator because I know my heat pumps won’t keep up very well. Not exciting but I’m content.

Edit: I’ve decided to watch It’s A Wonderful Life.