Intrepid00 t1_je0c1fx wrote

I could get an induction range for $1.2k last spring with a single oven or I could get a dual oven for $3.5-4.5k that was induction. Making them dual just really drives up the price.


Intrepid00 t1_j41ev72 wrote

> I can understand the idea of “buy it for life” but the running costs of such an old appliance are insane

Oh god yes, even if my refrigerator only lasts 10-15 years your buy it for life fridge from the 70s is using so much energy it would have bought 2 of my refrigerators in that time. Some of the “they don’t last as long” is strictly because of having to use more energy efficient designs and materials that just isn’t as strong as thick heavy steel and cast iron. Some is just bad design or trying to get too fancy like French door fridges with a door ice dispenser.

There are things worth it for buy it for life but refrigerators, old as hell heat pumps, washer and dryer, and dishwashers become very debatable if they are worth it when looking at energy costs and how well they actually work.

Now an expensive pair of jeans that last forever is a no debate it’s worth the cost.