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No but at this point it is all semantics and the limits of language to communicate thoughts, in the literal sense predator is almost always synonymous with carnivorous, and only through metaphor does predator get applied to other behavior unrelated to diet. The terms are further muddied by outlier behavior such as house cats that prey on everything smaller then themselves for what seems to be entertainment, though the actions taken are identical to actual hunting behavior for food for the most part, or even stranger, predatory/carnivorous deer, scientifically accepted herbivores that have been documented preying upon eggs, birds, mice, squirrels, and carrion... but this is reddit I guess where the points don't matter and semantics can send a random stranger into a digital rage.


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Omnivore does not cancel out predatory nature, grizzly bears are omnivores but I just saw a video of a wedding interrupted by a grizzly getting real predatory on a moose. Carnivore herbivore and omnivore refer to diet, predator and prey are behavioral.