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Definitely check on the app and see what it says. Maybe it’ll have to be a little more expensive to call a taxi but then when the weather gets better you may want to consider getting a bike to save money especially if your destination isn’t that far.


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Not really. I met a guy at the Dunkin’ Donuts on route seven who called for an Uber once and it never showed up because that part of Redding was too out-of-the-way. Are you looking for a one time ride or is this something that would be daily?


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Because they’re rich and have lots of nice things worth stealing. Because many of them are celebrities or high ranking CEOs or chairpersons who value privacy. Some of them may be paranoid and want to protect their children and pets, and avoid break ins. I would imagine they would have more security features such as cameras and security.

I know someone who works for a celebrity actor (no, I don’t know who) in Greenwich and they have to punch in like 3 different codes to get past multiple checkpoints to enter the property and house. They aren’t allowed to take photos, not even a selfie, on the property. Very protected.


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Silvermine in New Canaan. Also some local continuing Ed towns offer it, like Wilton. Wilton high has a great ceramic studio and offers continuing Ed ceramics. Norwalk Community College may have some too.


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No I am not a doctor. And I’m going to tell you that maybe you should not consider becoming one either. You answered none of the questions asked of you, and you’ve only deflected. It’s concerning and not a behavior that people will find comforting when they are sick, or worse. Go into construction work if you’re bored and want a more challenging career.


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Not to be rude but the lack of info you’re giving and the fact you won’t answer any Qs being asked of you, makes me feel like you maybe should consider a different path career wise. I wouldn’t want a dr who refused to answer me or doesn’t understand that people need to be communicated with effectively. This is not good communication. Your answers are delivered like a high schooler being forced to give more than a one word answer on an essay. Again, this isn’t to be rude. This is an observation.