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Articles like this are extremely short-sighted. Satya Nadella has gone on record saying they will incorporate OpenAI into ALL of their products, meaning MS will be punching out in every direction not just one or two. MS will absolutely try to kill or at least heavily damage Google, and it's delusional to think otherwise. Google needs to come up with an answer to this fast if they want to stay relevant.


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I'm very interested in how generative AI can potentially be used in video games in the future. Imagine human-like NPCs that seemingly have a mind of their own, and can hold actual conversations based on free-ranging topics you choose talk about instead of preset prompts. Randomly generated worlds based on scraping from endless photographs of real locations or fantasy pictures and piecing them together. Constantly evolving and becoming more life-like/immersive by the day, probably another reason that MSFT is going all in on them.