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That sounds like an issue that they should probably get working on then. If govs spent money in a way better suited to helping the people, and with a more logical tax structure, they absolutely could do it. I'm not saying canada's Healthcare system is some perfect model right now, it absolutely isn't, with many a flaw, But I'd still take it over the system here, where every life choice I ever make is built around minimizing the number of doses I'm likely to miss anyway. And I fully believe, with all my heart, that it is easier to fix a system that, at least in theory, exists to provide healthcare to all, than it is to fix one that is supposed to be profitable. I view profiting off healthcare as a moral failure.


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Well the truth is, they have. It’s not night and day, as there are engineering and cost concerns that come with chasing improvements, and there IS a limit to how much power you can get from an ICE, but they are improved. But most of the improvements so far are weighed down, literally. Newer cars ar heavier, with more power output, and more features, and that all brings efficiency back down. All manufacturers could have 50mpg cars out ther tommmorow, but that’s not what the market wants.