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I believe the initial effect is briefly raising your blood pressure and heart rate, followed by those things lowering. The initial spike can cause anxiety, since the heart rate comes first and once the mental aspect of anxiety is triggered it's hard to soothe. People who have anxiety may feel their body reacting and think, oh no I'm anxious. This is partly why exercise helps anxiety long term past the release of energy, since it lowers resting heart rate.

I've also heard that the anxiety effects can come from worrying about getting caught, so I'm curious if you're experiencing this is an accepting and legal environment.


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I see so many comments address deliberate procrastination for entertainment/personal time but not that address the dread referred to in the article- procrastinating going to sleep because it's so torturous to try while very anxious. It's like shower thoughts time if it was taking place in a realm of hell. It's like mindfulness meditation where you realize how much you're suffering and trapped. It's like fishing for ptsd flashbacks. Miss me with all of that, I'll go to sleep when i can't hold my eyelids open. It's safer that way.