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They don't do their work because they have to. They do it as part of their culture and tradition. They would continue to farm their land themselves and refuse any hand outs from ai. They would only use it in select cases such as medical emergencies. Frankly I am thankful we have people like Amish around. If everything else goes to shit they can start from zero.


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Interesting thought. I would compare it to when I was a child in the 90s with just a few channels. When a movie that you liked came on, it felt special. There was no fast forward, pause, or reverse, you got what you got. Today, I have access to pretty much every work of literature, film, or piece of entertainment ever made and it all feels like shit. All I do is watch dumb videos or laugh at funny autists on the internet.


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There was an experiment a researcher did years ago where he offered $500 to any participant who would win his game. The game was that he played the role of a sentient ai trapped in a computer, and the participant played the role of a scientist who was chatting with the ai. If the ai could successfully convince him to let him escape using only text, and no bribes or threats, then the ai won. If the participant still refused to let the ai escape after 2 hours, then the participant won $500. The ai almost never lost.

I am butchering the details but that is the gist.


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I'm on the under dog's side. Whichever that may be at any given point in time. Being for freedom is just a platitude. Both sides become authoritarian and dogmatic when they become the dominant force.