IronworkRapunzel t1_jd330nn wrote

Guy actually twisted the original thread's wording to say they "dEmAnDeD" only POC reply to their thread and called it a form of segregation. I...have no words.

Like no, what, if a woman were to post "Hey I'm expecting and thinking of becoming a SaHM. What's it like being one in Mass? Share your experience", is Linux gonna be like: "Locked. Removed. We don't promote sexism here, women deserve to work 😡. It's the same thing as [insert bizarre and unrelated example]".

Idk I'm spitballing here but I read the original thread through Reveddit and it was a TOTALLY innocuous question. The real racism here was not allowing POC to discuss the issues important to them which was the safety of the area they're moving to. Like maybe that was the guys goal?? Restrict the discussion of serious topics by concerned groups by feigning "progressiveness" aka "We don't promote racism here. You can't post about race!1!!1"


IronworkRapunzel t1_iu2jppu wrote

Reminds me of a comment I read from another thread where someone said that Boston's nightlife suffers because the lack of adequate transportation to and from especially after midnight.

People either: A.Go out to events and have fun for a bit, but leave early so they can catch a train home

B.Go out, and limit their drinking/don't drink so they can safely drive home after

C.Don't go out all