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My BIL was a volunteer there for years. He used to get 2 complimentary tickets as a reward. Then one year they cut him back to one ticket. He had to commute there via SEPTA every day on his own dime. They lost his free labor after that, and I don’t blame him.


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It’s died out in recent years, but mischief goes on in Philly 24/7/365. It used to be worse in other cities: Detroit had whet they called Hell Night and arson was the big thing. :(


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We rarely get more than a handful of kids oh Halloween night :( The festivities seem to be dying out, what with razor blades in apples and pills (drugs) being given out as candy. A lot of homes just turn out the lights or don’t answer the door. Living in a row house like I did as a kid, I’d hit 200 homes between my block and the next one over, and 95% gave out candy. Then I’d dump out my bag - keeping it well separated from the piles belonging to my siblings - and go to other houses in the neighborhood. As it got later some of the houses closed up but I’d still get another half a bag. And we used big shopping bags with handles. My kids didn’t get half of what I got, and now my grands might get half of that.


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Thanks. I walk it frequently. They have replaced some but not all of the boards in the first bridge on the path going east from Pine. In the past they have had a vehicle with air blowers clear the path of leaves but it hasn’t happened yet this year. They get slippery when wet so I hope it happens soon. You’re right about the restroom; there’s a single port a potty in the Pine Rd. parking lot but none other between there and Winchester - over 3.5 miles away.