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Oh you don't have to try to sell me on why people submit stupid research haha. I remember some of the stupid shit I heard about that got submitted for Grants when I was in grad school and it's like some people don't have critical thinking ability. Some people are just incredibly book smart but an absolute moron when it comes to real world stuff.


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Yep, sugars cause a number of inflammatory responses as well as the promotion of less than desirable gut microbiome. A high dietary fiber diet will also slow absorption of sugars through the intestinal walls, so it's a stacked response when you do that. Lower intake and less sugar being available for your body to use.


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Reduction of sugar and increase in fiber is by far the most important. How the food is processed has minimum to do compared to the content of what is being eaten.

Now there can be an entirely different debate of costs of healthier foods vs ease of access but reduction of all types of sugars and increased intake of fiber will better help to control the issue.