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Yes sweet Power! after hundreds of years an offering at last.

Let me return to the mortal realm.

I feel my essence being drained, sucked away to my offering alter stone, able to manifest to my priest's.

After an age it will be nice to see the world again, I wonder whom I shall be in service this time. As im able to form into the world again my eyes take in two figures one tall the other still a child.

Ah the tall one, a fierce warrior- their face decorated in war paint, the hair a shocking color, the style of cloths seems a bit heavy on metal studs but I care not at last a new high Priest- wait how strange I was mistaken it is a women, it matters not to me, my new high PRIESTESS.

The other serves her or maybe serves to bother her, he is always asking questions of her, garbing her robes, pointing at things, but as befitting my high priestess she takes it all with Grace.

My form is weak and I feel they cant see me, I seem to be almost transparent, the offering must have been small, I think to my self, I also seem to be smaller then I remember.

I turn and come face to face with a monstrous lizard, its eyes blank of expression but I know murderous intent when I see it, of course my priestess must need me to vanquish this foe and had no time to prepare an offering of the right proportions.

I transmute myself and hope to steal the air from its lungs, but the beast rears up and charges towards the water! ha you will need to come up for air at some point I will wait.

Oh it mocks me, its settles like a rock to the bottom of the water and floats watching me, I'm tethered to what seems like a small stone, that only after some trial and error find its a broken piece of my offering alter, how many years has passed? how much time has passed since my foe sank below the water?

My high Priestess calls out in a tongue I don't know and gestures at the creature, I strain to hear and understand but the meaning eludes me, so I settle in to wait and watch for movement from my adversary.

"Billy I know you are excited to help feed my new pet axolotl but you cant give them gummy fish, looks now its stuck to this rock, you better hope he doesn't eat it"


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Hello, My name is Doreen Hithers,

My Grandson has helped me set this question and answer writing forum so you can all ask about my husbands Space death laser, I'm not very technological so I might get some terms wrong but I will try my best.

I wont have time to answer all the questions, but my Grandson will pick some out for me and help me type it in.

Q: Where did the space laser come from?

A: My husband (bless him) was working on it as part of a Russian cold war effort, from what he has told me they where all issued activation codes incase Russia fell and where told to use them.

Q: How many people have codes?

A: My Husband (Пётр-Peter) had a little group, they would catch up every week or so and have a drink and reminisce about old times, sadly time makes fools of us all and the group is just down to himself and Дмитрий-Dmitriy

Edit 1: Roy (Doreens Grandson) here, she had to go to bridge game and will be back in a couple hours-keep them questions coming, please keep the troll comments about it being 'our laser comrade' to a min please.

Edit 2: she is back!

Q: How did the broadcast reach a global audience?

A: Covert operators where sent to place secret relay towers/ transmitters across the globe, most should still be operating.

Edit 3: Roy here, I've been able to find the delay codes with Grandad, but he doesn't remember where he put the deactivation codes, it also looks like they need help with TV remote as its been stuck and wont volume up and down (i know this isn't relevant to the whole 'laser thing' but they wanted me to ask.

Q: Why isnt Peter doing the AMA if its his laser

A: Peter is having a rest , this thing has stressed him out a lot, we don't want his blood pressure going to high or its another trip to the Dr's

Q : Does Dmitrity have the codes?

A: Roy here, he is out at the local duck pond with the retirement home, he said he has written down the code but each time Try to facetime him/get a picture to read it off, i just get pictures of ducks or a close up of his face - I'm working on it! Edit- thanks for the awards!

Edit 4: Roy here, thanks to all who sent links about the TV remote, I fixed it!

Edit 5: Roy here, Ok Grandma is tired and wants to take a break and it sounds like some helicopters just landed out side and lots of people in black suits are getting out, I will keep an eye on the questions and if any jump out I'll ask them and post the answer.

Thank you all for the awards and upvotes-who knew this would be my most upvoted comment and we even went to the front page!


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No worries, If I can ask for feedback did any line etc stand out as implying it was in the SCP universe?, as I would like to rework it to try get my point across that its not.

Have a good one


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Sorry I disagree with you, I read the prompt as SCP universe/reality is real, we in our own separate universe/reality know the SCP universe as a work of fiction 'the SCP wiki' , the SCP universe/reality figures out that SCP-682 can be removed from their universe/reality by us removing the wiki article in our universe/reality, I never tried to set my story in SCP universe.

Any President in SCP universe/reality would drag some poor sap from UIU in to talk to them, then cut the funding


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The president sat around the table, the faces belonging to C.I.A, F.B.I, N.A.S.A, British intelligence, Mossad agents, basically everyone with high enough clearance or a scrabble acronym of letters after their name looked back waiting to be the first to start the briefing.

"ok" rumbled the president " run it past me one more time"

Langstong from the CIA spoke up first,

"Im sure myself and my counterpoints all have the same if not very similar reports, if I do, step out of line with any thing please jump in" he said this while looking around the room

"for the last few months we have all noticed a correlation of related events on a global scale, all containing a message or varying message with the same theme, the message being.."

"wait, wait, wait" interrupted the president "All the same what do you mean?"

Langstong looked around the table, before starting to speak again

"multiple billionaires from every country have had private correspondence from a group called 'Marshal, Carter & Dark' which follows"


We all know money makes the world go around and we at Marshal, Carter and Dark have a deal for you, simply follow the below instructions and we will reward you with rich's beyond your wildest dreams..

"These letter all found there way directly to the billionaires themselves at the same time and date, down to the second from what our reports have found"

The British agent spoke up

"Reports from multiple toy stores, toy manufactures, any one who sells toys basically, are receiving shipments of toys from a 'Dr Wondertainment' all based around destroying an entity called the un-killable lizard, the reason for this connection is 'unkillable lizard' has been mentioned in other messages from other groups"

Mossad spoke next, "we all know magic isn't real, it is stage tricks, slight of hand, or props, but every magician we have found or tracked, has been contacted by the users called the wandering library with promises of 'real magic', the largest concertation we have found is in las Vagas, some have started to go missing, but all speak of a task to remove SCP-682 from the wiki"

all others around the table spoke up now that the ball had started rolling

"Boston Dynamics have been sent a robot from Anderson Robotics its task to hack into..."

"the Louvre has been vandalized by Are, we cool Yet? they changed the painting to this huge..."

"food for all third world country's will be supplied by Manna ..."

"circus freaks melted..."

"increase of SCP related posts on reddits / r / writing promts..."

"rebuild the broken God.."

The president held up his hands for a minute before the noise died down

"Ok so they all want this SCP-682 delated of this wiki that we have? and then we get a good deal? this website that people write storys on?"

The table all agreed except one who raised her hand.

"yes" the president pointed at her

"well we have a set of sub reports, picked up from information scans of hostile areas areas that have been destabilized/destroyed/wiped out, the only reason I bring it up is it differs from the others theme but still mentions SCP-682, the messages come from 'the children of the scarlet king', 'the Daevites', 'Sarkic Cults', Chaos insurgency etc the list is rather long

Ignore the other messages, make SCP-682 stronger or we will come for you, this isn't a threat but a promise.

The president leaned back, every face looking at him, awaiting his decision


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'Morning Jim"

"Morning Phil"

"What are you working on today?" Jim asked while he continued to fill his HenchCo water bottle from the tap.

"you remember that big ransom we got last month, 250 million?" Phil replied while he waited to fill up his bottle

"yea, boss was very happy with that- hope that trickles down so we can get some upgrades, you know the doors on levels 2 and 3 don't slide open any more, the hydraulics or something, we had to force them open with a block of wood?" Jim said while screwing his bottle lid on

"oof thats tough, makes us looks stupid when those 'good guys' come around also, but this is what I'm talking about, you know Gordon from the death ray team?, He is still running excel on windows 95, He put an order for a yellow birthday cake, got sent yellow cake uranium, boom! dead!" Phil stepped up and started to fill his bottle

"Ok what's this to do with the ransom?" Jim said looking up at the notices pinned up on the wall

"ok, ok so get this, the ransom guy pays us in Bitcoin, Gordon thank god was on hand to set up a bitcoin wallet, boss has no clue, thought they were going to get real coins, ransom guy gets released, Bitcoin all safe and sound, Bam! Gordon dies, boss trys to get into the Bitcoin wallet, uses all the trys, wallets locked, we cant get the coins"

"ah shit" Jim takes a small notice off the board for the sale of a toboggan "kids want to go to the snow before the boss melts it all" he responds to Phils raised eyebrow.

"so any way" Phil stands up "now ive got to go kidnap a few dozen computer science guys to try crack it and get the cash or the virus team don't have the funding to keep the next 'super virus from going world wide" safe under lock and key.

Jim waves for Phil to go first towards the lifts

"did the Virus team say how it was being spread" Jim asks while hitting the lift button.

"Ah water I think" Phil responded idly while looking at the number on the lift door slowly move.

Phil and Jim move to the side as the lift doors open and a figure in full hazmat gear steps out and walks down the hall.

"you know maybe we go out and get a coffee today?" Phil says while looking down at his water bottle


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He was the man that suggested adding the second un-skipable ad to Youtube-

I'm joking I will leave it open ended and you can fill in the blank with what ever unspeakable crime that would make a man that raises the dead recoil


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"Welcome to Returns, your speaking with Jill, who can we bring back for you today?'

"Hello Jill its Bill Gregory"

"Mr Gregory- what a pleasure it is to hear from you again, has it really been a year already?"

"Please call me Bill and its that time again for sure"

"Ha I cant do that, you know how Mr Gorgon-the duke of the undead, ruler of the un-life- may his reign last for 10000 years feels about proper titles" Jill said with a chuckle

Bill Chuckled back at her, while she started typing on her computer.

"Let me just bring up your file - lets see here, ah look at this with this one you have almost filled out your resurrect 9- get the tenth free card. that's always a good deal for our frequent customers"

"so just the normal package again Mr Gregory, or would you like to upgrade for a longer stay?"

"no thank you- just the normal 24 hours, I don't think I could stand any longer"

"Not a problem, what do you have planned this time?" Jill asked as she tapped away on her computer

"Maybe something with fire or maybe take him out shooting?" Bill replied "most of the time I just make it up on the spot"

"Fair enough- that's all set for you I've booked in the time and updated Mr Gorgon-the duke of the undead, ruler of the un-life- may his reign last for 10000 years, calendar. just do the normal bank transfer and we are all set"

"Thank you Jill- you have a good one now"


I get the ping that a new job has been added, and I open my eyes, the gem in my forehead begins to glow bright green, the light spreads across my bones replacing the long dead flesh with new muscles, blood and skin, until I'm fully formed again and I step out of my upright coffin and look at the update.

Ah Mr Gregory, that time again.

I gather the darkness from the corners of the room and spin it into a robe for me to wear, as I'm walking I click my finger's and the skulls along my walls light up- fueled by their souls- sometimes I can hear a very faint screams but this just adds to the ambiance and people love a show.

Some think Necromancy is monstrous and goes against the natural order of life but I say, its just the same as capitalism or Influencers and everyone shuts up real quick.

I'm just offering a service which a lot of people pay a lot of money for.

But what everyone doesn't know is Necromancy takes a lot out of you and you always get some cross over form the dead your reviving, some thoughts and feelings, actions on how they lived life.

And this job for Mr Gregory to bring back his father always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

After what his father did- I know what true evil is.


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The roof broke of the sewer, falling neatly into the preplanned hole that had been dug underneath it.

"Alright lads, stage one is complete, we have no comms and nothing has triggered the alarms so we have 2 hours before sunrise and the doors open, get in there and start cracking those boxs"

The crew climbed up without any fuss except Mr Brown who took an injury, a small scrape on his hand from some sharp concreate, he quickly made up a improvised bandage to stop the bleeding.

Each of them taking a wall of safe deposit boxs they started cracking them open with crowbars.

Mr Brown taking the left wall, Mr Green the far wall and Mr Blue the wall on the right, Mr Black (the leader) offering up a hand to unload each box as its contents spilled out.

"Ha boys we are rich" cried out Mr Green waiving a handful of papers above his head, "look at this a whole box filled with Blockbuster stock" he fell back laughing at the faces of the rest of the crew his joke breaking up the excited murmurs that the rest of the crew had started to comment.

After only an hour nearly all the boxs had been opened a horde of gems, jewels and cash but 5 remained, two on Mr Browns wall, one on Mr Greens and the final two on Mr Blue's.

The crew knowing they had more them enough time started to speculate what riches these ones would contain had tried in vain to open them with hammers, crowbars and had to bring out the Dimond drill to try crack them.

Each member agreed to put the level of security into these boxs they must have something very valuable in them.

Mr black looked over each box in turn, they all sat on the same level, and now that he looked over them each box had the same pattern etched into the front of it - which made sense as they all resisted the attempts to open them in the same way.

His thoughts drawn away as Mr Green spoke up, " I think I hear voices down the tunnel boss, I will just go have a quick look" he jumped down the hole in the floor.

Mr blue spoke next " now that I'm close to it, I don't think this is a pattern boss, it looks more like very elaborate Letters, give me a second see if i can figure it out" Mr Blue pulled out a small note pad and started to write down "LO" and that looks like B" he started to mutter to himself.

Mr Black turned to Mr Brown " Hows the drill going?" he asked, Mr Brown looked up "I think ive made progress" He moved the drill back and went to wipe the build up that had formed from the drill attacking the metal away with his hand scratched hand bandage .

The same time Mr Blue spoke up " ok what is a LOBADI? any one know? maybe if i move it around?

Mr Green chose this moment to pop back up "boss its odd the voices? they get louder the closer I get to the vault and you guys, it must be a weird echo or something"

Before Mr Black could say anything Mr Brown started to stammer out "Boss...Ah Boss, Boss you got to look at this" and he pointed to the smear on the box front where he had wiped it. "watch, he then rubbed his bandaged hand on the front of it, leaving a faint trail of blood"

The blood then seemed to vanish, slowly like it was being sucked into the front of the door.

"it must be biometric" Mr Brown said at last, after he placed another smear on the door.

ABDILO? Mr Blue asked to the group, almost to himself.

Mr Black was about to tell everyone to pack up and leave, Mr Green spoke first "boss someone is coming up the tunnel, must be using some weird night vision light as its glowing red"

"Boss" Mr Brown started "the box is opening..."

"Hey Ive got it" Mr Blue exclaimed triumphally "DIABLO"


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I open /r/ writingpromts as a first time writer looking to flex my muscles and start my journey to writing a book.

Im hooked so many choices, so many options, I've always been full of ideas and now I'm feed the start of any kind of story I would like to write.

I Take a brief look over the FAQ before the weekly Smash_em_up catch's my eye.

Temporal fiction, hmm i think I could string together something about time.

Ever since I've started working form home and I made a reddit account there was time enough at last to focus on what I wanted to do, and now that I didn't have to talk to any one and just had to wiggle my mouse every now and then to show that I'm active, I can write all day- I know I should be working but hey with everything that's been going on I need a break lately I've just been feeling like I cant catch up.

I open my word doc to start a draft and it prompts me to pick up where I left off, I don't remember writing any thing? better open it to see what I was doing and if its important.

Ok odd, its a short story about time loops and a man repeating the same thing over and over again- this is crazy I was just looking at at a writing prompt for this exact topic, i must have started this another time and never finished it, hey its not spilt milk so im not crying my work is already done, thanks past me lol.

I enter the story in the comment box on reddit, check the spelling and spacing and hit the post button.

Ok Reddit must be playing up its just taken me back to the front page of writing prompts and when I go to check the comment thread I can't find my post at all, its not even open in word any more.

I open word again and get the same prompt to pick up where I left off, ok odd i thought I had saved last time, but hey thanks Microsoft, I click open.

Maybe I didn't read it fully last time the story draft seems the same but now its a Time Tunnel and a story of a man trying to go back along 'times tunnel' to try and escape the loop he is caught in, it still fits the word count and looks good so I shake my head, must need an energy drink or maybe more sleep. I save the document to the desktop.

This time I triple check, I'm in the right place, the right comment box, I have copied and pasted it from the word doc, the story fits all categories.

I hit the post button.

Ok what the f**K.

Back at the same point again, front page of writing prompts, my word doc is closed.

Ok maybe this is more a computer problem and not a reddit problem, because when I go to look for my word doc on my desktop its gone again.

I'm getting worried now, I might have to do some work to pay for computer repair and I don't want that.

I go to open word a third time, and see the same error again asking to pick up where I left off, I click yes.

A third document this time the theme has changed a lot, this one is a story that talks about Anachronism and how some events are locked and cant be changed but different paths will branch of from this point, this story's tone is very glum and I don't remember writing the main character as sad but resigned accepting his fate.

Man this is crazy I really want to write about this topic but something is gonig on with my computer or maybe my brain, and looking at the time its almost closed for submissions, I get the bright idea to message the moderator who posted the story prompt and ask for a time extension.

I give a brief run down of what's going on and send the message off.

And again I'm back at the front page of writing prompts, but have a flashing icon that some has messaged me back.

Its from Cody_fox23!

'Hello Ishouldbeworking01, yes I've given you a time extension, I thought this might happen when I chose time as the subject, I've seen it happen many times before, It was one of many outcomes that could have happened.