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eh, it's a substitution cipher. A Caesar cipher is specifically doing a fixed letter shift (IE: go 8 letters to the right) with the same alphabet. We made up entirely new symbols. We also added dummy symbols and symbols for spaces and wrote it out randomly spaced.

I mean, it was still 7th grade kid level, for sure. lol


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Hah, that last part about nonsense letters especially reminds me...

My friend and I in 7th grade made our own written code. It was just letter replacement with new symbols, but:

The written spacing was irrelevant. We had several characters that all just took the place of spaces. When writing something out it would have random spaces.

And much like that last part, we also had several nonsense characters that meant nothing.

I would have saved what we had made, except I recall after we memorized it we destroyed/thew out all the answer keys, on purpose. lol I hardly remember any of it now.


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You were done when your opening comment was a abjectly stupid argument you made up yourself to attack.

And who do you think you're fooling with your lies but yourself? lmao

What is the face of a coward? The back of his head as he runs from the battle. Thanks for your spine, I'll add it to my collection of smooth brained cryptovangelists. 😆

E: lmao, that's the 5th cryptobro to block me this month. So long, loser


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> haha. like i said, name calling is the absolute best you have offer.

You only say that because like a dog you're easily distracted and pretend nothing else was said. You desperately latch on to any excuse you can. You're just so weak willed it's super easy to goad you into revealing what's important to you: running away.

> i quoted you and asked you how to regulate “crypto” and you gave me an article about banks > > > > when i suggested that banks don’t apply to “crypto” (how could they, crypto is the commodity not the entity). or is it?

What in the hell are you talking about? I never gave you any article. Must've been one of those imaginary arguments you made up in your head, again.


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See? You're incapable of actually responding. You can't even explain your own nonsensical statements. Whinge some more, baby.

Standard MO for every mindless crypo-drone: repeating empty scripted phrases, look for any excuse to be a victim when caught in your lies and nonsense.

Have some dignity, boy.


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I like how you constantly evade actually directly responding to anything and come back with total nonsense.

> nope, you don't get out by changing your mind at the end. > Those are your words so stop gaslighting me.

Was this supposed to mean something, or were you just showing me your lack of literacy? How is this supposed to at all contest what I just said? It's like you have a mission to prove you're even dumber than I thought with every mouth-breather response. 🤣 This is a total non-sequitur. Which is recurring theme: you open your mouth, and nothing but total nonsense flows out.

>Now do you want to asnwer my questions about how "crypto" is supposed to be regulated or are you going to keep playing these games like i'm new here.

I already did. (I tried to link to it, but links are apparently shadowbanned in this sub.) You continually ignoring it doesn't mean it didn't happen. And why is crypto in quotes? Are you so mentally deficient to not understand that crypto is a catch-all term encompassing all of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and anything related? Please tell me you're not that brain dead that you didn't know this.


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No, you insisted my argument has been something it never was. You straight up admitted you were making a meaningless strawman. That and pointless semantics games of regulating how crypto is used "isn't RegulaTing Crypto." Really grasping at straws, clown. 😂

The true mark of an intellectually bankrupt coward.

You have offered nothing else. Empty, thought-terminating cliches aren't arguments. It's just you getting off to yourself.

>raise evidence to support your argument.

You mean like FTX collapsing because there were no regulations to ensure they weren't just blowing smoke up everyone's ass, and you attempted to hand wave away with yet another "yOu JusT Don"t UnderStanD!" Not that I expect you to engage honestly. From your opening, vapid cult scripted line, it's clear you're just desperately flailing. Like all cryptovangelist zealots do. And as always, it amuses me.


IsilZha t1_ixr9wrp wrote

Repeating your thought terminating cliches does nothing but tell me you need to terminate all thought and coddle yourself. 🤣

Just keep repeating what the cult told you, honey. Every time you come back with the same vapid lines is a tacit concession that you're too stupid to have this conversation. 🍿


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Lmao, this is literally empty nonsense.

Thanks for confirming you're just a mindless zealot who always devolves to the same empty lines your cult told you to say. Deaf and blind and dumb and born to follow.

Let me know when you grow a few braincells and have some substance to offer, or demonstrate a capacity for independent thought. 🍿

Or keep making an absolute fool of yourself. Always entertaining to watch the clown show. I won't turn down free entertainment.


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>it’s literally your identity when making transactions and you can’t describe how to regulate it because you’re talking about ui/ux and not the protocol.

No one ever suggested it's possible to directly regulate the protocol itself. That's just you being a dishonest coward by continually insisting on using your own made up strawman. Thanks for the tacit concession that you can't actually argue the actual point. But I guess you can keep arguing with yourself in a mirror.

>who is y’all, i use uniswap, 🤡.


>the real problem is that you keep talking about prices and exchanges because your short sighted.

Tell that to the millions of people that lost billions in FTX because it was unregulated and it ran on smoke and mirrors

>the same reason you can’t grasp censorship resistance is the same reason you don’t understand distributed systems.

Get a new line, dude.


IsilZha t1_ixqy8vq wrote

You brought it up because it's a stupid argument that you invented to "attack" because you have nothing of actual substance. You literally just admitting to making a strawman argument and pretended like you proved anything. The only thing you proved is you can't even come up with an arguement against what we're actually saying.

>you can regulate centralized exchanges but you said you want to regulate crypto so explain how.

I did, you didn't actually respond to it. Yes, it's funny how you all ended up just creating centralized exchanges. The regulations wouldn't cover just them, but how individuals operate as well.

Pretty much all of crypto and their "value" is tied to exchanges both for how much they move around, and the mass manipulation.

I'm sure you'll try to tell me crypto prices aren't tied to exchanges.

>and stop sharing an article we’ve already agree is irrelevant to regulating custodial wallets (keys)

Who's "we?" As usual, cryptovangelists think they can just hand wave away things they don't like.

So did you have anything besides deeply stupid strawmen and meaningless word games, or is that the extent of what's rattling around in your hollow skull?


IsilZha t1_ixqve8d wrote

Oh my god. You're illiterate, too.

The only moron here who ever made any suggestion to regulate the public and private keys is you. Which I made fun of you for making such an abjectly stupid statement.

Is that all you got? A lack of reading comprehension and outright dishonestly arguing with your own imaginary straw constructs? 🤡


IsilZha t1_ixqt3tf wrote

You are the meme, regurgitating the same thought-terminating script your cult repeats all the time.

Followed by the most absolutely moronic take on what would get regulated. "You can't regulate my private keys" is easily the stupidest thing I've seen this week. 🤣 Thanks for that. It wouldn't be regulating what it is, but how it's used. I'm not sure if you dishonesty made up the stupidest possible thing, or if you are just that dumb. This post is an article about what kinds of regulations.

Regulation as a security/commodity. Consumer protection. Auditing requirements for exchanges. Regulation against all the various ponzi scams, rug pulls, market manipulation (like wash trading,) laundering through coin swaps, etc, etc, etc...


IsilZha t1_ixnqlrh wrote

Ah yes, good one. The large, public Reddit communities of crypto enthusiasts don't count as a public opinion of crypto enthusiasts because... uhhh... ::waves hands:: Brilliant.

Like minded people always tend to interact with like minded people, so your anecdote about who you interact with doesn't really say much about what the prevailing attitudes are.


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Pfft, to ensure your WAN has no issues with your IPSec mesh, make sure your ACLs are set, get OSPF or BPG working, and be sure to set your TCP MSS so that you don't get DF flags causing issues due to MTU. And to ensure your VoIP QoS setup the VLANs with appropriate CoS to ensure your RTP is smooth, and that your SIP ALGs are setup properly