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No, but whereas you may have had multiple cars being brought into any one area from people going shopping etc, it's possible a single Uber may shuttle multiple people into one area over time.

Probably matters more for places where you have a lot of traffic from outside the city into the city being replaced by ubers/taxis than driving around within the city, and it's far eclipsed by the efficiency of actual public transportation of course.


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It's literally just factually correct. You cann't make a sales tax progressive. You can make an income tax progressive. That doesn't mean every income tax is progressive, doesn't mean income tax is inherently a better idea, or anything of the sort. I am simply stating a fact about income taxes that would be one reason people would support one.

And I'd rather we just not file taxes at all, every year, like real countries do.


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> EDIT: ALSO, Plan B is available OTC, and online on Amazon, and is good for 72 hours after a sexual encounter. It has been wildly effective in lowering both unexpected pregnancies and abortion rates. A pill expires in 1.5 years so don't hoard them, but it's good to keep some on hand for yourself or people you love.

I think it is important to note as well for anybody who has personal reservations about abortion that Plan B IS NOT an abortion. It prevents a pregnancy from ever occurring. It is an emergency contraceptive, NOT an abortion.