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Are these scientists just bored? Phoning it in? Stoned? What's next, Scientists find that Bananas are better than saliva for making space carpets.

Why are they space bricks? Wouldn't they just be bricks? In space, but still just bricks. And why do you need bricks in space? If you are going to use them on the Moon or Mars, they would be Moon or Mars bricks, not space bricks.

I think these scientists are just fucking with us.


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Halloween is just what we call the celebration at this time of year in the US. In Mexico it's s the Day of the Dead. I know they have very different aspects and a somewhat different vibe to them, but it's not one versus the other.

People celebrate Christmas in different ways too Doesn't mean that one is going to take over the other just because some people googled it more. These types of metrics are really stupid.


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Yeah, edibles just kicking in and now you got me thinking. I guess there's really no correct orientation for these images. Just what we arbitrarily delineate as being the correct orientation. Also, I'm pretty sure most of the images of this that we're seeing are crops of a larger image and most likely rotated.

I think one thing to remember is that these pretty pictures really do "sell" the space program(s) to the general public. Some of the images were released to the public just because they looked cool. While other images are really purely for scientific purposes. I mean some of this stuff I don't think it's possible for it not to look cool. But other images are really stuff that only an astronomer or physics professor gets excited about.


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I went to hike up in the meadowlands once around this time of year. I was cognizant of the fact that there were a ton of ticks everywhere, so I was being very careful. But I had to make a jump over a mud puddle and brushed against the dried bush for 2 seconds. Literally got like 80 ticks on me, all crawling up my pant legs.

I was literally just running around in the meadowlands, trying to swat ticks off of me and they kept jumping back up towards me.

I got them all off, but I wasn't sure about my back. So I took my camera out and I was trying to take a picture to see if there's any still there, and the rush hour light-rail train comes by. Probably hundreds of people saw me running around in the meadowlands like a madman taking selfies of my ass.

It's pretty funny in retrospect. But I'll never go into the meadowlands again without full body armor.


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Honestly, I think it's more than people would like to admit. Everyone will overlook the fact that they looked at that one article on Facebook and probably start quoting it as fact. But then they assume The other people are just using it more. That one article wasn't a big deal to them, But that is essentially how the whole monster works.