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My guess is that they may have been getting crap from “people” who disagree with their distribution of donations. A loud, and very vocal minority may be getting under their (Amazon) skin. It looks to me that they have decided to go closer to neutralizing donations. I’m out of any donations for now.


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Didn’t say that. Do not try and put your words into my mouth. If you’re a convicted criminal, in the USA, working while incarcerated is a privilege. For which they volunteer. It’s that or simply sit your ass in the cell block, no commissary money earned. Try and find other ways to pay for your soap, toothbrush, toothpaste or anything else. Unless you have something keeping your commissary account full of money, you work. Remember, it’s the Criminal who put the Criminal in prison. Some places require the Criminal to work, in order to pay for SOMETHING- food, guards etc.

Don’t do the Crime, if you can’t do the time.


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Look, I told you that it’s happened to me, more than once.

Just because YOU SAY something, doesn’t mean it is true. I am not gonna explain anything else to you, as you tell me that I’m wrong. Just because you watched an episode of Chicago PD & know someone who once worked in a bodega, didn’t actually make you an expert. Take your younger self outside and, after you pick up your double soy latte and scone, actually make it your daily routine to get your own life. Oh, and fuck off.


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Well random internet stranger, I just wanted you to know that I, in fact, do not care what you believe. I lived it. Different crime, different criteria. Bottom line, if you have to wait for a lawyer prior to the trial, then it’s worth pointing out, you get what you’re paying for. You may not be tried without legal representation or advice. As I said, not everyone gets what they want, when they want it or how it is done. Everyone, has the same Rights.


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For a FOREIGNER, Whose opinion matters fuck to me, Is based upon “what other people have told me in the past” As opposed to actually living on both sides of the border or living with this shit.

The USA ain’t perfect but it’s at least better than where you’re living. I’ve lived in four countries. I’ve never been anywhere better

You are like a little girl, telling her mother what sex is like, Because you read something about it on the bathroom wall..