Ithalan t1_jaconoj wrote

Maybe, but as things are now, you only need to increase the amount effort it takes to send spam through your web/account registration form even a bit for it to be unprofitable for the spammer and make them try somewhere else.

If all websites worldwide were to one day have captcha on every webform that could be used for spam, then spammers might start to have an incentive to try and beat it, but right now it's easier and cheaper to just keep trying sites until you find one that is not secured, then send your spam through that until the site owner discovers it and stops you.


Ithalan t1_ixzx28p wrote

they had no way of knowing if the the Russians would even accept a surrender after they gave the response they did. They might not have fought to their death, but putting their own survival in question at all simply to make a symbolic gesture that the rest of their country could rally around is still a huge deal.