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Dyson products are poorly built garbage that only sells because of marketing hype. They are absolutely not bifl.

Also, any cordless device made currently is limited by the batteries lifespan, which likely will be no longer than 6 or 7 years.

I would recommend getting a corded Miele.


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I've had terrible luck with digital thermometers, including having a couple that were off by several degrees. I've had name brands like Braun and Bosch, and other brands as well, all were troublesome. I gave up in 2020 and went back to a regular old analogue thermometer, it always works and is always accurate.


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Reply to comment by Loon610 in Wiring EV Charger by Loon610

The connectors on the charger, of somewhere in the documentation should indicate what wire sizes are acceptable. I would think that #6 should be acceptable, but obviously you need to confirm it with your particular unit.

Also, what is the amp draw of the unit?


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Are you sure the charger will not accept a #6 wire? If possible I would run the #6 straight into the charger. I would avoid any junction between a #6 and a #8 wire if possible. How long is the wire run front the panel to the proposed charger location?


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I dunno, I had similar experiences with a recently manufactured jansport bag... Thing was falling apart within a year. Not impressed. They will repair it if you are willing to pay the shipping both to and from the repair facility, which since I'm in Canada was not really worth the cost.