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I’m not comparing American to Qatar airways.

Qatar is the best in the world because it’s government subsidized with natural gas (not oil) revenues. That’s why I didn’t put it in my comparison. It’s apples to oranges

I compared American domestic carriers. And I excluded budget airlines like Frontier or Spirit because that’s also comparing apples to oranges

When comparing comparable airlines, United/American/Delta to Southwest/Alaskan, the former lag behind in every significant category other than passengers and routes served. And that’s because they’re the only option often. And they’re also subsidized by the government like Qatar airways to operate these routes

Despite subsidization, and increased competition both from within and outside of their market niche, they still remain depressingly underwhelming business ventures that the free hand of the market would wipe out if the government would redirect those airline subsidies to high speed rail construction


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Bro that is first class on the airlines like Southwest that a majority of Americans can afford these days.

Shitty American “flag carriers” like American, United, and Delta have amazing first class that are multiple thousands of dollars. It’s really where those airlines make all their money.

Meanwhile, for the other 99% of passengers the regular seats are smaller than southwest, customer service shittier, and you are nickeled and dimed for every little service that should be included

Fuck overly privileged people who buy those first class tickets and prop up that garbage business model


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You want to live in the suburbs? That’s fine but you can’t expect public transport to be provided to you.

But you do, and due to capital flight you have more money than the people in the inner city. So you demand that light rail lines be provided to you. And you’re prioritized over the lower class people in the city who actually need public transport.

And then we end up with terrible cities with no intra-city connectivity because all the subway lines prioritize bringing people in from the suburbs and dumping them downtown.

Fuck the millions more people who actually live within the city right?


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You’re failing to use reading comprehension to actually read my comment properly. That’s how I know you’re education failed you at every level. But let me break down what just happened for you

-you claimed that my detailed comment was only “what you’d learn in high school”

-I explained that in one of americas best high schools, you don’t learn all that, you learn a very surface level definition of all these things. Thus I know you’re lying when you say your high school in America taught you any of that

-I then explained that I learned this while getting my degree in college

-you somehow got confused and keep falling back on “yOuRe BrAgGiNg AbOuT a HiGh ScHoOl!” And still not comprehending what was actually said to you

Unless you happened to go to one of 8 specific schools in this country, you did not learn any of that in high school, and you talking out of your ass when you say “ThAtS hIgH sChOoL lEvEl StUfF!”


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It’s funny how I know you’re lying, since I attended a top-10 ranked public school and only learned the very surface-level definitions that can easily be confused like you guys have then.

It wasn’t until college, and not just college but college focused on macroeconomic systems, that I learned what I just shared with you.

Take a class, it might help you understand better than I can


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Yup we’ve never had capitalism or communism in their purest ideological forms. Because that’s how reality works, you have to account for good and bad actors existing and create a system that promotes transparency and democracy. Extremist left and right economic systems both discourage that form of political system

Both sides of you extremists, communists on the left and fascists on the right, are equally as misinformed, destructive, and arrogant in your ignorance.

On the right the fascists have become mainstream so they’re the concerning priority. But all these kids post-2016 who have graduated shitty high schools thinking they should be communist and never being able to afford college education to learn better (thanks to Republicans) like you is a real concern for the future

Try to actually state your economic plans, instead of just making substance less snarky quips. It’s high school behavior and it’s time to grow up


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That’s just wrong at a basic level. Have you ever taken a course on macroeconomics?

Socialism is a vague term that has no meaning and everyone applies it to what they want. Communists all called their countries socialist, and you’re naive as fuck if you think communism hasn’t been tried

capitalism, real capitalism in the vein of Adam Smith; is anti-exploitative and urges equality of opportunity. Like he said “the measure of a society’s wealth isn’t the gold in a kings vault but the prosperity and well being of its people”

Communism, like fascism, is inherently authoritarian by nature.

Anyone advocating to replace our failed economic system with an even worse one is naive at best and an arrogant idiot at worst.

Social democracy is the way to go. Capitalist free markets with socialist government services. But you’ll probably make a comment all the lines of “that’s why we call you a succ dem hehe” right?


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I mean it’s ironic when you clearly don’t know what capitalism is. Capitalism has its faults, just like communism…

But what you’re describing is the economic system of mercantilism and colonialism. Which Americans don’t realize for some reason capitalism replaced in the 19th century


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That’s one thing that’s weird about dispensaries that seem to be universal around the country…

You can never count on a good price still being there the next day. I get it, they don’t drive off younger tech savvy more budget focused customers by offering something on sale every day, but they also keep making bank from older rich people who haven’t smoked since the 80s and don’t really know what prices should be


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That’s pretty good, I looked at that dispensary two days ago but didn’t see that deal though. Ended up going to CommCan in Rehoboth, definitely didn’t expect to be driving into farmland that reminds me more of Vermont than Greater Boston. Was pretty cool.

Some of the dispensaries around here try to do their own menu layouts instead of using the universal Dutchie one and can be hard to navigate so I don’t doubt it was there but I couldn’t find it.


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Better than NV in terms of growing plants. In Nevada they passed a law that you can grow one plant if you live more than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary

I don’t know if you know Nevada, but it’s a desert state with lowest population density in the country. Two counties and one independent city hold 98% of the population because those are the only places with consistent water sources

There’s only a few towns in Nevada and they all have dispensaries. The rest of the state isn’t rural like the empty parts of New England are, it is EMPTY, like areas with zero people larger than Southern New England.

Long story short, less than 1% of the population is within more than 25 miles from a dispensary making it de facto illegal to grow any plants