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Haha, so true! Mine has kph on the outside, mph on the inside. Most highways have a 100-110 kph speed limit.

It blows me away when I see people trying to justify going over 100mph. Most roller coasters don't go that fast! The one I was on, tallest and fastest at the time (Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point) went 120mph and that was fast!


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Stunt driving is basically extreme speeds, going 40+ over in anywhere the speed is 80 or lower, and 50+ if the speed limit is over 80, is considered stunt driving. It's a roadside 30 day license suspension and your car is impounded for 14 days, at your expense, with a fine of $2000-10,000, and 6 demerit points. It's used to be called careless or reckless driving, but they upped it to a new charge.

What you listed is basically stunt driving in Ontario. During the pandemic and lockdowns, people were caught going 100+ over on the empty highways.

I drive a Ford Focus, so it's safe to say I'll never get a stunting charge! (I also don't drive like an asshole)


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I couldn't take it anymore in the season before covid happened and stopped watching it.

It jumped the shark waaaay long ago, and then continued to do so every other episode, but I won't post spoilers, you can subject yourself to it. It goes downhill once they start killing off main characters, which they fix by killing off more main characters in more ridiculous ways and then introducing new characters with some terrible backstory and tragedy and then they kill someone else off because none of the actors want to be on it anymore.