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I often sleep quite deeply but I don’t get the 8 hours unfortunately, 7 hours weekdays and 9 on weekends. I’ll try and incorporate more antioxidants and Omega-3s. I go to the climbing gym 3 times a week and try to do cardio on my days off. I manage anxiety and stress unbelievably well basically nothing gets to me and I have a great support system in case it does, plenty of friends I can depend on. I have a meeting with my doc in January, I’ll bring these up to her then.


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Yeah haha, my girlfriend lives on a horse farm and while I’m not a city guy I’m definitely not a farm guy so it was quite a shock when I was just having lunch and my girlfriend showed me a photo and said “I think these doors would look good on our Barn”

Damn near choked on my food before going “our what?!?”


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  1. Alright
  2. Too Late
  3. Doctor says no Coffee for me, need to limit my Caffeine intake
  4. I got Rock climbing 3 days a week and try to do cardio the other days with a rest day on Saturday
  5. Working on it
  6. Doc says no Alcohol or Pot for me which is fine I don’t like them, I’ll have a drink or two at parties but that’s it
  7. Noted
  8. I see, I’m on well water which is high in iron content so we have to drink bottled water, I managed to get a water cooler from my old work that they were getting rid of so I’ll try and get that working so I can get some good water from a place