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That’s a southern thing, not saying the dude isn’t racist but old heads call people ‘boy’ all the time I don’t think its an indication of their racial beliefs.

Also you don’t have to be white to exhibit the disrespect and inhumanity that many cops do, just a couple months ago we had 5 black cops literally jump another black man gang style to the point that he died.


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Bro facts man was the undeniable goat for years and now that he’s older people act like he’s always been dogshit.

I get the vibe he’s just crusing along, during the cowboys buccs game he legitimately looked like he wasn’t even trying and he was still playing better than most QB’s in the league


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Maybe that was excessive, but my point is that as a whole reddit tends to view the republican party as one big racist, woman hating, xenophobix zeitgeist.

I know and am friends with republicans who dislike the fact that roe v wade was overturned, but they do not trust the democratic party to put their interests first.

You can say ‘well the republican party doesnt either’ but for them they legitimately think that the republican party aligns with their views more than the democratic party.

Especially on issues like 2A, where they have been hoodwinked into thinking democratic views on gun control involve taking your guns away. You WILL NOT be able to convince them otherwise.

They aren’t evil, or racist simply for voting that way.


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I didn’t give myself anything man, I wrote that on my 10 minute break and just took my lunch.

I find it hard to believe what I wrote is ‘typical’ when there are front page threads with top comments calling for the deaths of anyone who voted republican.

It’s so backwards that when it comes to minorities or ethnic groups Reddit as a whole touts the ‘you can’t strip a group of individuality by throwing them all together like that!’ but when it comes to what political party you choose every republican is suddenly a carbon copy of Donald Trump.


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The Republicans may be more brazen in their attempts to abuse democracy to their own and their financial backers benefit; but this is not a trait unique to them.

Reddit gets so caught up in the ‘republicans are the root of all evil’ mentality that we forget the few at the top seek to keep themselves and their friends there at the detriment of the whole.

They are two sides of the same coin, one may seem much more detrimental than the other but the truth is that the metaphorical ‘well’ has been poisoned for a while.

Democrat and Republican government officials as a whole, do much much more for the benefit of billionaires and corporations than they do for the common American.

We need to quit this ‘us vs them’ mentality and focus on the fact that our government is filled with what are essentially the political arms of trillions of dollars of corporate wealth.