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As an IT professional, that’s all sorts of ethics code violations….you don’t just open up someone’s laptop and you don’t go looking in files, especially if they don’t pertain to the scope of work that was asked to be done.

And if Hunter left it at this repair shop, wouldn’t there be attempts to contact him to have him get it back?

Besides, there’s so many holes in that story that it’s borderline laughable.


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This this this.

As someone studying cybersecurity, I’m wondering what safeguards did LVHN have in place to even protect against something like this?

Security usually starts with endpoints….training to look for phishing emails. From there, we can bolster that with strong passwords, VPNs, creating a zero-trust network etc, honeypots, black holes…. Their IT team needs some serious training and/or network upgrades.

Then again, I get not paying the ransom because who’s to say they’d give the data back? But at that point, they’re really taking a gamble as to making a determination that the information compromised isn’t important compared to financial or business data.


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Except Covid did not come from a Chinese lab…the department of energy (how are they making this decision anyway?) even made their claim with low confidence…

The trump Russian collusion wasn’t made made up either. We have a republican-led senate Intel committee report that confirmed that Russia meddled in 2016….

But go on peddling right wing talking points


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False equivalency….buying beer/cigs and flying on a plane are privileges…voting is a constitutional right. If you’re going to make everyone require a voter ID, what solutions do you propose to make a voter ID free and accessible to eligible voters? Anything making someone pay for it is essentially a poll tax.


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Reply to comment by _token_black in Chance of riots tonight? by [deleted]

From what I understand, there’s several charges they’re all facing.

One is aggravated kidnapping. There’s also aggravated felony assault. And the major one…second degree felony murder, which is pretty much the highest murder charge one can get before we get into the pre-meditated definition.

NAL but…having being married to one before, intent can be formed in an instant. I wouldn’t be surprised if prosecutors would argue that too