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People like this also believe that every single opportunity for something to become a moment of anguish is what justice looks like. The fact that being in jail/prison was supposed to be the punishment, but these types believe you deserve all the things that could possible go wrong for you if you so much as blaspheme. I know people that laugh out loud when they read about people getting in fight in prison or being raped or killed in prison because they “deserved everything they get” despite being in prison for something like weed.


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>The police have never seen anything like it - but FBI forensic anthropologist Christine Prusik has. In fact, it’s a ritual she knows all too well. Years ago she was a naive young researcher doing fieldwork in Papua New Guinea when she was attacked by tribesmen who placed carved stones inside the bodies of their dead. Prusik barely escaped with her life - and a nasty scar from the wound intended to house her own death charm. Is it a grisly coincidence? Or is someone sending her a message? Now she must find the killer before he finds her - and finally completes the deadly ritual begun in a distant jungle so long ago.