J4ywolf OP t1_ixw4tj0 wrote

I don't think I will pass bc I gave up on believing in myself even though first try I only failed bc of a stop sign - didn't stop completely and inched very slowly. I have depression so I don't really believe in myself or have self-worth. So I don't think I will pass bc of how I feel towards myself.


J4ywolf OP t1_ixw4ft2 wrote

First time: Roll stopped passed a stop sign (Bush was obstructing view so I kept inching fwd till I could see past it) 100% passed everything else. That one stop sign failed me.

Second time: no blinker on parallel parking, no backing up straight, to wide of a turn, didn't check one mirror when changing lanes. Once the instructor corrected me I gave up and stopped caring which lead to failing more things bc I was already upset with myself. I was already stressed and overwhelmed by all the weight on my shoulders by everyone being 100% sure I was gonna pass bc I only failed one thing my first time.


J4ywolf OP t1_ixw3puw wrote

Only reason I failed first time was bc I roll stopped pass a stop sign, everything else I passed 100%. Second time I failed more things bc of nerves and I was overwhelmed bc everyone was convinced I'd pass and had a lot of weight on my shoulders. I'm a good driver, and drive very cautiously due to PTSD. I tend to overly look, don't go thrue yellow lights, wait till cars pass even if I have time due to fear, and even look bothways when crossing an intersection since that's where I was T-Boned and almost killed. I just can't handle when people watch my every move like a hawk. So please don't assume I'm a risk to everyone without knowing my backstory. Thank you!