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Biden's energy policy has directly lead to increases but this isn't even entirely his fault -- its everyone over the last 20 years who have refused to build more nuclear plants to facilitate our ever growing energy needs. Renewabls are nice, and we should continue with that, but there's no way it will meet our needs alone.


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The plots are property that is owned by the person who purchased it (for themselves or family) or their relatives/next of kin. The government would have to secure the land via emmenent domain which is usually frowned upon.

That said, europe has some beautiful cemetaries that are also public parks. I am not sure why we couldn't accomodate both here.

edit: also a lot of cemetaries in queens are north to south, I think it would have been better if they were more east to west. If anyone wants to hop in the delorian and propose that idea, please do.