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I had a black 2003 Mazda Protege5 that was a little modded, but it didn't have a loud exhaust or flashy rims or anything like that. I had 15% put on and never had an issue over the 3-4 years I still had the car. I even got pulled over one time for my tabs being a month expired and the officer didn't blink an eye.

My rule was generally -- Windows are all the way up or all the way down, limiting how much light contrast there would be between the windows and interior itself. No idea if it ever made a difference haha.


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100% this. I grew up in the area but never visited Colchuck until moving back after college. I was shocked at the utter masses when I finally started hiking up there. They need to control the number of people up there or it will completely ruin the area.


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To be honest I think so many people are just desperate for any type of progress that they’ll compromise and latch on to just about anything.

Clearly there’s a better, healthier approach to psilocybin and using mushies for treatment, I just don’t know how realistic the other avenues are in WA in 2023.


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So the only way people should be allowed to consume psilocybin is if they pick them themselves or don’t pay someone who did? I'm asking because you seem to have an issue specifically with profit off of mushrooms. The vast majority of folks who use them, that I'm aware of, buy them. So are we already in a perverted state?


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We had one female start showing up in the Wenatchee valley probably at least 4-5 years ago. IIRC in 2020 there was a male who was tranq'd in East Wenatchee and released near Lake Wenatchee, and then two females were seen together hanging at the Lowe's in Wenatchee (very close to the river front).


Seems like they're becoming more and more prevalent here.