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I didn’t care for Fairy Tale at all either. None of the characters were interesting or memorable, it took too long to get to the Fairy Tale world and it was as compelling as the characters (not compelling at all), and I also really hated the ending for the same reasons as you.

There was one saving grace in the book for me: The tournament. Forget what they call it but it was the only highlight. The training, competition, and escape had me riveted and eager to see how it would go.


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I’ve looked at Listener a few times but haven’t read it yet, what did you love about it?

I love McCammon, Swan Song is in my top five books ever. Only book that didn’t work for me was the first Corbett one, the one in colonial times. Everything else is damn good: Border, Wolf’s Hour, Boys Life, Stinger…

Speaking of Stinger did you know that Peacock is making a series for it? It was announced last week and James Wan in involved!