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Expensive but worth the extra expense, mostly.

They do our weekly + open and close. Rarely any issues. Be advised rhe contract is for 1hr max time per week, so they won't vacuum, for instance, if they're addressing a clogged filter pump that takes most of the hour up.

Had one guy that you could smell the weed on from 10 ft away ( we usually offer the guys a water or soda if it's warm out). We didn't say anything to the company, but he never came back.

Julianos either has a stake, or priority contracts, in a lot of their suppliers, so they're usually at the top of the list when it comes to priorities when supplies became tight.


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They played extremely well.

It was almost painful to watch Gonzaga. I give their coach credit for not calling 3 time outs in the last 3 minutes to prolong their pain....


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There are some great drives in the 91/9/95 triangle just south of you. Just go explore.

And 154 is a nice ride also.

But at night there really isn't much to see........


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You don't hear very often about people getting punished for missing jury duty,. I imagine if it's the 1st time it's happened and it sounds like you have a good reason. , you would probably be okay


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I already pretty much end up tipping 25% at a regular restaurant Unless the server is a complete tool, and 15% at a counter restaurant, so I really don't have an issue with this. It might bring me back down to twenty percent for a table server. In the end it's just a shell game for me.


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We saw graham nash there last summer. The guy's worth something like 50 to 75 million dollars, and he still plays these <1500 seat theaters because he just loves to play.

The theater itself is gorgeous and is supposed to be acoustically excellent, from my experience I would have to agree.

Just curious have you ever tried Pleasant and Main in Housatonic? Another favorite.. Very eclectic decor.


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On certain Saturday evenings, they close off Railroad St and have booths, food, and street performers. Almost seems like you're in a hallmark movie.

We love it, the only drawback is the massive lines at SoCo creamery on those evenings...

Dinner at Number 10, and a show at Mahaiwe is a new date nite tradition for the missus and I now...


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Great Barrington probably has more great restaurants per capita than any place I've ever been in my life. It's 30 minutes from our home in the area but man is it worth the drive. And the entertainment on railroad Street on weekend nights is a nice way for the entire family to spend time together....

We only spend part of the year here, but we always look forward to it.