Jackamalio626 t1_j2c1vdy wrote

of course it looks like that to you. You partisans have been conditioned to demonize anyone who doesn't vote the way you do.

>Progressives today are not like the ones in the past, the ones who actually cared about creating change and recognized the little wins in society. Today they just want to blow up the system and actively encourage anyone that's not a complete facist Republican to bring it all down with them.

You bet your ass we do. We just don't operate under the delusion that the system can be salvaged. The corruption is far too deep set in the system. Total dismantling is the only option to salvage anything and strive for meaningful change.

Fuck "little wins", thats the same bullshit moderates used to try and slow down the civil rights movement. Neoliberalism's trademark "better than nothing/the other thing" rhetoric doesn't fool us anymore; we're sick and tired of settling for scraps.

Sometimes you gotta stop watering the dead tree and rip it out so the soil can be pout to good use.


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Oh sure, they got a raise and a single sick leave usage, but you seem to be narrowly avoiding addressing the part where that bill the democrats voted for also illegalize rail striking, completley stripping the workforce of any bargaining power.

That is the most anti worker shit imaginable. Nothing you say can ever justify that disgusting show of corporate loyalty from the supposed "mostly pro union ever president".

Your attempts to downplay it just so you don't have to face the fact that your party is anti-worker is, to put it nicely, pathetic. Your concern with being on the winning team outweighs your desire to actually see anything improve, and it sickens me.


Jackamalio626 t1_j2bvg7i wrote

No, its not.

The democrats are corporately owned capitalists masquerading as a progressive party by having their only competition be a party so far right that its teetering on literal fascism.

They take their orders from the same rich cabal who owns the republicans. They're puppets controlled by the same set of oligarchist hands.