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“That's defeatist, lazy, and no consolation to victims. I suppose you think we shouldn't do more about rape because there's always going to be rape in the world? Why have cops of people are going to commit crimes anyway? Society will never be perfect but we should always strive for a more perfect union. Kinda the point of the whole thing IMO.” You said this to me.

Ya, again I’d love for you to point out where I mollified anything. Please enlighten us.


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Do you think it’s possible this person just used the word discrimination instead of “hate crime?” Also, they’re not downplaying anything. This person is clearly acknowledging that there is always some amount of perpetual racism, bigotry etc. in no way or form is this redditor defending incorrigible behavior at all. They may be guilty of using an inadequate word. That’s it.


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Yea, you’re definitely not wrong. It’s just a small slice of the prototypical masculine, strong ego, endlessly attempting to add notches of conquest to the sword hilt that is our life. It’s been ingrained in us guys since forever. It really has I think. Movies, tv shows, comics, video games. It’s working.