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I would contend that in a place like Wales, the (comparatively to the US) low cultural diversity and the notion that Welsh cultural survival under British hegemony (at least within the sphere of the UK) is not guaranteed is what brings about that social cohesion. I imagine as well that the social cohesion in Cardiff is less than out in the countryside as well. Then again, I’m not speaking from experience so I might be completely off base


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Yes, but it seems it only comes about easily in situations that are analogous to the evolution conditions in which humans first evolved: small isolated groups where survival is not guaranteed. We live in a very different world from that, and I am certainly of the opinion that one of the many crises plaguing our world as it is is a distinct lack of social trust; having a routine to potentially nurture it is therefore very useful


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If you have more expanded model than go ahead and propose it. Calling something “limited” on its face without even intimating at an improved model is vacuous.


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I’m so tired of this “effective altruism”-adjacent “existential threat” nonsense. The structure and precise operations of the mind are so far removed from the realm of concrete understanding. To state that there will be an “explosion of new types of minds” is meaningless when we cannot for certain enumerate the ‘number of unique types of minds’ (in scare quotes because I think the concept of a typology of minds is inane) in our current world.

As such, we have no ground on which to call this an “existential threat”, seeing as it remains to be seen that ‘artificial intelligence’ (again in scare quotes due to inanity) can even be produced; we have much more closely looming existential threats currently facing our present mode of existence and I am frankly offended at the equation of this non-problem with those such threats.

Also, to break a little with the decorum of this subreddit (though let’s face it I wouldn’t call my response up to this point decorous), it is my opinion that posting one’s own substack in a sub like this is incredibly cringe.