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And the studies are from companies who sell work from home products.....I don't waste my time finding or reading studies from companies who put out a study saying their products are great!

I don't need to find a study from tide about how their pods are WAY better then others to say their claim is BS because study itself is made to make them win!


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I just replied to them,I wanted to give them the best chance they could and sit down and read the studies which is why I didn't respond, and the studies I can't find easily and all of the links are to companies who sell products for remote work and I shouldn't have to explain why those studies shouldn't be trusted.

If those companies found the opposite they wouldn't say and it's not hard to create a misleading study especially when they don't make them easily accessible.


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Words cannot describe the level of anger I feel reading and finding those links nothing you did but for FUCK SAKE WHY IS IT SO FUCKING HARD TO MAKE A NOT SHIT WEBSITE!

So anyways correct me of I'm wrong(I could easily miss the links due to the site being shit!) but that article doesn't link to the studies other then one which was unbelievable impossible to read on mobile.


That's the first link and it's just their companies site no study but more importantly it's from a company that sells monitoring solutions you know stuff companies would use for remote work....and I'm sorry but I'm not trying to find a study from people who directly benefit from the results since it's pretty clear they have a bais in the matter.


That's the 2nd link(also site note Forbes says 3 studies but that company did 2 so it would be 4 studies) and the site is close to unusable on mobile for me but anyways ONCE AGAIN from a company that benefits from work from home....so yeah I'm not going to read those either.


The last link is a another sales company.....and the study found hybrid work the best and they just coincidentally happen sell both office and home stuff.....and also I just went off of what Forbes said as well since I couldn't even find a study on their site.

I don't mean to be rude but did you look a the links yourself? Why would you believe a study from a companies who benefits from the results? What do you think of the results didn't favor them they would publish it? Especially when finding said study on their sites is extremely difficult(for me at least) for I would definitely say not trustworthy.


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Wait until COVID is out of everyone's minds....have studies lasting more then a year, use companies that didn't use remote work....

There's so many ways....you're out of ideas because you didn't think once!

If they can't test correctly they shouldn't test at all, COVID hurts a lot of the control testing since people might just like working from home due to fear of COVID.


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"but almost every study shows it increases productivity and life satisfaction."

They don't. Those studies were crap!

None of them are long term and all take place during COVID or after which means the results are basically meaningless.

Edit: it's amazing how I'm downvoted but yet no one can prove me wrong when it should be easy just link a good study but so far the best I got is studies from companies that sell work from home products....


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"such as abortion clinics, especially in the wake of the incredibly moronic and repressive laws recently enacted in some states."

.....do you not understand what misuse would mean? Tracking people who break the law isn't fucking misusing it...god you people really think one way, using the same logic cars should be banned from law enforcement...

"It could also be misused in the same way by falsefying records to make people appear where they were not or being purely convicted by association."

Fucking how??? Like wtf? That doesn't even make any sense!

"Say there was a drug bust in a neigborhood and someone that had a criminal record was keeping clean, ends up being recorded his car just passing through. People have gone to jail for less."

Like no that's not a realistic scenario! Being near a crime ISN'T ENOUGH TO GET SOMEONE ARRESTED!


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"No it wasn't. I actually referred you to the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. None of the Metal Gear Solid games were ever individually made for XBox, besides MGS2."

No stop lying!

Like seriously if you have to lie you're wrong! The ONLY counter argument to that link I send would be another showing it being wrong! ANYTHING ELSE DOESN'T MATTER!

Again please find help you clearly have issues if you need to defend a shit company this hard.


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'For starters, I already explained to you how Square Enix can release Final Fantasy 7 Remake to Xbox. They can get around it by producing a completely different sku, that would no longer be under any such temporary exclusivity agreements."

And that was proven wrong....

No Microsoft legally can't fucking lie about that! They said it in court! Meaning if they did lie it Sony would've said so already....

The fact I gave you proof and all you did was cry is proof you have no clue what you're talking about.


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Again find help! If you need to be in this level of denial where you're basically just saying no to facts you need help!

I listed the games you are just in denial!

"Bloodborne was co-developed with Sony."

There's nothing I can find to back that up! Nothing!

"Bloodborne is entirely funded by Sony, since its conception."

O wait you just don't understand how game development works.....fuck off! Funded ISN'T CREATED! The game would've been made anyways!

"Show me where that is bought? Where's the deal for that?"

Well for RE7 Idk the fact it's not on pc when it wouldn't be that hard to port especially when the game was very popular...is thinking that fucking hard???

"There is nothing permanent about that exclusive, it can absolutely come to Xbox later on. The thing is, Sony didn't buy out Square-Enix. Square-Enix made a business decision to join a temporary exclusivity agreement."

Funny how you magically missed the news that Sony didn't do a temporary agreement with that game and others....

O and you magically ignore silent hill remaster as well that's not suspicious at all...


There's your fucking proof! and no xbox legally can't lie about that.

The most damning thing about your complaints of Square-Enix is this: They released Final Fantasy 15 multiplatform, on both Playstation and Xbox, day and date. And they never did it again.

This is the most silly part especially given the link I sent that was everywhere when it came out and you I guess live under a rock time to time, that makes no fucking sense! There was a new FF game it was made by a different developer which is why it was allowed(and was shit) and Microsoft paid for a ton of Japanese games for gamepass and to come to Xbox like persona 5, I mean they even made a ton of Square games as well so it doesn't make sense they would just not pay for FF7 remake.

Idk why you want to keep defending a massive company when you're clearly just wrong.


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"What "exclusives" did they buy? And are they PERMANENTLY bought?"

Are you serious? Like guy please find how your denial and support for a massive company is worrying.

resident evil 7 vr and bloodborne at the top of my head and there's console exclusives like FF7 and probably 16, and the upcoming silent hill 2 to name a few. Before you say "they don't own the IP" that's not a argument...


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Ummm maybe try reading before typing nonsense please....

So..........to answer your question, they never permanently control FF7, because they didn't buy out the IP outright.

"Which is what Microsoft is attempting to do with COD.


This would also be a deal that Microsoft could make with Square-Enix, but chances are Square-Enix wouldn't make such a deal because Final Fantasy is an important IP in Japan where they expect to sell many copies of the game, and Xbox has almost no presence in Japan."

This doesn't even make any fucking sense! I didn't ask a question! And I explained it in detail so I actually already proved what you said wrong...wtf are you talking about???

"Actually, they helped create almost half of them, to make games that they were publishing. In other words, the correct terminology would be that Sony helped create "second-party" studios that would later become "first-party" studios once they released a successful game, and Sony wanted to continue working with that studio."

.....it doesn't matter if they helped create them! What matters is the amount they bought! I mean they just bought Bungie! Stop trying to convince yourself that they're a good company.

Not to mention funny how you seen to ignore the whole Sony buys exclusives when that's the argument....it's almost like you know you're wrong!


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A FF game not developed by square and most likely subject to different license agreements was released on xbox.....where is 7? Or 15?

"You dont see a difference between some exclusivity deals and buying massive multiplatform publishers to make popular multiplatform franchises exclusive forever?"

List me a time Microsoft took a popular IP and made it only on xbox after the 360....right you can't! Let's look at minecraft a very popular IP and Microsoft kept it on Playstation.....minecraft could easily sell a shit ton of consoles especially given Microsoft bought it but they didn't, so it wouldn't make any sense to do it other IPs that sell as well.

Not to mention that's not the point of this argument! That wasn't the original argument so don't try to change it!


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??? What? They bought timed and console exclusively for the FF7 remake so PC players got it later and Xbox gets it never, and it looks to be a similar deal with FF16.

O and speaking of them permanently buying things how do you think a lot of their studios came to be? They bought them!