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The surface beneath our feet usually has fairly high resistance. So voltage fades away quickly, electricity doesn't travel too far. If there's a live wire in the earth underground that's broken, a front hoof and a back hoof can be at very different voltages, so the power travels through the horse in preference to the earth. This is not a good thing.


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Electricity works on potentials. Horses are particularly sensitive to electric shock because their front and back legs are a good distance apart, the voltage difference is large. They can even die by walking on ground near a broken electrical connection that a human wouldn't detect because of close-together feet. There is a system of electro fishing where current is passed into water to stun fish so they float to the surface to be caught. Counter-intuitively you can stun a large fish with a smaller current than needed to stun small fish. Now imagine the size of a microorganism....


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I've one wood store with a pallet floor which works well for ventilation but gives the mice a great place to overwinter. Another has paving slabs as a base - they were about 6 quid a slab (probably a bit more now) but also a killer to bring home and place, cos they weigh 60kg each.


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I've built this kind of furniture before; in the box it comes in you are supplied with the correct hex key to put it together. I always duct tape the key to an unobtrusive part of the furniture in case of need for disassembly.