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Donated Blood testing is done in bulk and paid donations attract donations from people desperate for money which tends to include drug addicts who are at significantly higher risk of diseases. By making it donation only you reduce the risk of people lying about their activities to donate. Paid plasma donation where the risk is significantly lower lead to the contaminated blood scandal and a lot of dead haemophilliacs.


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I would barely say Ken Loach is seeing a resurgence in popularity. His last few films are popular among journalists and independent cinema types but they haven't broken remotely into the British mainstream. Most Brits who know of him will have heard of him through articles but not actually watched his films.


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I agree with you but would take it a step further and apply it to meaning that good adaptations of Heart of Darkness have been done. Apocalypse Now, Ad Astra and Spec Ops The Line are all loose adaptations that capture the spirit and feeling of the book and fascinatingly each use it to explore the theme of the book through a radically different lens. They took the novella and turned it into a movie and a game by changing things to make it fit, its the loosest of adaptations but thats fine, Heart of Darkness was always about the themes and feel rather than the raw plot. If anything having adaptations tackle more recent issues is more in keeping with the novella which was very much a criticism of Imperialism in the Congo.

To me those are good adaptations of Heart of Darkness.


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By the end of the war the allies had figured out how to deal with submarine technology of the era. Escorted Convoys made attacks dangerous and near constant aerial patrol by heavy bombers meant that as a submarine surfaced to recharge its battery and replenish its air it'd be reported and hunted.


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>Cargo-ships were easily sunk when found.

Only until they figured convoys out. The happy period ended when the Brits started rolling out convoys and then ended for good when heavy bombers got repurposed for anti submarine warfare. By the end a U-boat was a death sentence for its crew.


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It didn't help they did what America did in every other aspect of both world wars and ignore the lessons its allies had learned from already fighting the war for 3 years. The Americans were slower to adopt the convoy system the brits had been refining that made it significantly safer.


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> Why don't we just make helium

Its fairly easy the same way we "make" iron or other common metals. We mine it because its abundant in the earths crust compared to what we require. There is no helium shortage, there is one national stockpile running low and a huge amount being vented because the national stockpile makes capture uneconomical.


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There are reserves everywhere, helium is an incredibly common fission product and thanks to the Earths core being a giant radioactive sphere more is constantly being pumped into the Earth. Then because helium is so small it easy travels through permeable rocks and builds up. The amount of helium vented every day during natural gas extraction is mind boggling.


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If you do further research you will find that what is running out is a very specific federal stockpile that has been artificially deflating (heh) prices since the age of airships, in fact your article doesn't actually say that theres an inability to produce more, just that at present only 3 states sell it but other major states are considering starting production. Once its depleted we won't run out of helium, we'll just start extracting it from the Earth again. Already colossal quantities of easily capturable helium are let to escape the atmosphere during natural gas extraction and other mining. Helium's role as a common fission product also means the Earth is constantly generating more.