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Eating cookies my friend gave me.

His sister ripped me a new one even though I was only one out of a group of five or so whom he gave them to and he didn't tell us she baked them or that they were special for a gathering of her friends later.

The strange thing is: you'd imagine we were all children, right? Nope. Upper teens and her brother was upper 20s or so.


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That it's legal to incorporate and view a business as if it's a person.

Then you are allowed to enslave that person to make money for you by giving him a small loan (buy stock) for a while.

So now your slave no longer focuses on doing his actual work and just focuses on making money for you so you don't take away your small loan (sell stock).

So basically that they exist at all.


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But the force is not relevant. Unless their body shatters at some point, they are virtually the same density as the rest of the water.

By your logic, no part of the spacecraft could survive any part of the journey, because it's touching itself and the engine.


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You would need to fill every air filled cavity in their body with the fluid and then they would be fine.

If you missed any they would become compressed and could possibly cause damage depending on how big they are and where they are.

Of course they would need to be able to survive in the fluid. Any normal fluids we have these days would certainly kill them.


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I can smell when a diabetic is getting hyperglycemic. It's just a specific scent.

I am sure it's the same for a dog.

I read about an older lady that could smell when a person was getting Parkinson's disease.

Once you recognize a scent you just know when you smell it again. And scent is chemical identification.

You can read about Joy Milne the Parkinson's sniffer here.


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So essentially that person just argued that the entire matter regarding lightbulbs would be irrelevant to thousands of people whom the person doesn't know and whom the person will never meet.

And then one more (me) pointed out the meta-ness of that response, as it is being a response in reference to your reply to a reactionary comment about the overall subject.

Um, yeah. Or something lol. You gotta love Reddit.


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One eye can judge distance out to about 20 feet.

At that point the lens doesn't need to deform much to focus the light hitting the back of your eye, so that eye can't tell how far away anything is past that point.

Two eyes can judge distance out much farther away.

Your brain compares the differences between the two images and guesses at the distance of an object.