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>A degree is not pedigree but it opens opportunities for some.

What does that have to do with anything I said. SBF created a literal scam. Do you know if he programmed FTX? Did he come up with trading algorithms? You do know there was an entire team that was part of FTX he was the CEO doesn't mean he was literally the one who created the website or backend. Did he revolutionize programming like John Carmack.

Your literal only assertion for him being a mathematical genius is that he got a degree from MIT. We already know his parents are mega rich and politically connected. You don't think that could have played a part in him getting accepted to one of the most prestigious schools in the world. That's what my claim is. The dude talks like an absolute idiot and traded like an absolute idiot. Anything quantifiable beyond "he went to MIT" doesn't portray him as a genius like say Steve Wozniak. He's just another financial fraud. Nothing about SBF comes off as a brilliant mind unless you think babbling like an idiot does.


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>I’m not sure why you’re conflating both

Because it's the same premise.

Going to an extremely prestigious school means you are exceptionally brilliant in your field.

SBF with MIT.

Trump with Wharton.

Also okay so yes he got a B.S in Economics with a focus in Real Estate. Split hairs if you want that's still not arguing against the premise.


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> He got a degree in real estate. A bachelor of science.

He literally didn't. He got a B.S in Economics. The PDF straight from Penn's graduation catalog shows that. Source

I am saying by your logic. If the only proof that SBF was a brilliant mathematics wizard is that he went to MIT, then Trump is an economic genius in the likes of Paul Krugman. I don't believe that. Again who is to say he even got into MIT being a genius and not because he was a rich politically connected kid.


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Being a math nerd and being considered exceptionally brilliant or a leader in your field are two completely different things. He was no renown scientist, mathematician regarded researcher. He was a dude who went to MIT. Hell his parents were mega rich and politically connected he coulda got in connections for all we know.

It's no difference than Elizabeth Holmes, being smart enough to go to Stanford and being a medically brilliant are completely different. Hence why her professor is literally the one who called her on her bullshit, those are brilliant people.


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She probably didn't have fat check for a donation kind of money. Dr. Dre donated something like 70M.

She should have just done the standard rich people thing. Just "homeschool" your kid and fake the grades with private tutors or send them to one of those fancy academies where it's essentially the same thing. She was just to lazy for even that.


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Now there's these weird people who care so much whether it's up or down. It's art, it's there to invoke emotion. If you don't like it who cares move on lol. People get so worked up over modern art style.

Put it this way If say you bought a really nice red shirt, but it was actually a mistake the designer intended for it to be blue. Does that mean you're stupid to like the shirt or anyone else who did?

The painting is simplistic lines, the orientation while part of it's composition is obviously easy to mistake. Doesn't somehow now make the work meaningless or stupid. My favorite painting is Jackson Pollock's August rhythm. You could probably flip it in any orientation I would honestly not be able to tell the difference.