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What’s up with questions like this ? Why are humans only able to think in terms of black and white. Obviously with super intelligence, you’ll be able to make all sorts of technology, some good, some bad, some super good, and some super fucking bad. The whole spectrum will be there just like it always has since the beginning of time


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Um getting a shit ton of nanobots injected into your bloodstream doesnt seem like it’ll be completely painless. And dying by nuclear war is instantaneous and guaranteed painless. Just boom, lights on one moment, next moment your brain is blown to bits, and you didn’t even have the processing speed to notice any of it


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No I definitely agree. I mean he even said that a lower qualitative intelligence wouldn’t be able to recognize a higher qualitative intelligence, which clearly means we wouldn’t even be able to recognize a higher intellectual being even if it was staring us in the face. But I also understand where he’s coming from, I highly doubt humans wouldn’t be able to recognize a smarter being which means we technically would be at the limit of universal intelligence and all we lack is the proper processing power to imagine very complex ideas which could be modified onto the human brain. We also don’t know the limits of what the human species will discover or create, and progress just keeps happening faster and faster, and with our ability to question “why”, we technically don’t have a limit to our understanding….