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It is possible that part of you believe the work you create is not very good and not worth doing. One thing that helped me is having faith that the daily habit will turn into the long term goal achieved. It's placing confidence in yourself, even if you don't feel like you will 100% reach that end goal


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Just do it every day. Fuck results. Fuck loving it. This worked for me.


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I didn't say anything about banning tik tok or even regulating it. Don't put words in my mouth. And no, I don't think you should have seen those things as a young child, at least without someone helping you deal with them.

Alcohol nor cigarettes are banned, but that doesn't mean we can't view them as generally unhealthy in most cases.


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Because of self awareness I would say. People who are trying to get motivated realize that 90% of the ways most people think about motivation is actually unhelpful.

Sharing an image of a super rich person is "fun" because you get to imagine you're super rich. If you take it a step further and actually think about it you realize a particular set of circumstances that you don't have allowed them to be as rich as they are. But people will still share the pictures because they like to feel good about themselves thinking "that could be me" sure it's a positive emotion but it's really not that motivating.

Real motivation comes from discipline, faith in oneself, and understanding that while you may not end up where you intend, you'll end up somewhere better by getting up and trying consistently than just letting things sit.


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Unfortunately we can't know if people have that internal value before knowing someone. So we as humans tend to treat the bigger leaf people better in every day interactions. It's only when you know someone a while that having a lot internally is actually useful


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I don't understand the basic business model at all. Hardcore gamers (as in people looking for an immersive exp) want low latency and for sure will notice if you don't have it. Casual gamers will just play on their phone or console, like a switch. The only real use case for stadia seems to be getting good looking single player RPGs without the hardware, but idk how big that market really is.

Whole thing stinks of someone who plays games casually trying to come up with a product for more hardcore gamers


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Pixel 2 XL was my favorite phone ever, and it lasted me 5 years only reason I stopped was the battery was getting old. I have pixel 6 pro now only complaint is battery life (besides normal android hiccups any android phone would have). To be clear the battery on the 2 was good, just normal degradation. My 6 pro battery would probably do better if I turned the high refresh rate off