Jammyhobgoblin t1_j2oy622 wrote

The main thing phone-wise is grey-scale and having reduced motion turned on in the settings.

Outside of that, I went to the ER one time with a persistent migraine and they gave me a bag of magnesium in an IV. They said they don’t know why but it seems to work on medicine-resistant migraines. I now take a daily zinc/magnesium/calcium supplement and it reduced them. When I start to get one, I’ll add on a magnesium dose (not going above the daily recommendation) and it helps. I also have smart lights and turning them to green reduces eye strain for me.


Jammyhobgoblin t1_j2oib0a wrote

I love the idea of an eink iPhone. I get migraines/eye fatigue really easily and I have to keep my phone on greyscale sometimes to reduce the strain on my eyes, so that sounds perfect for me. Not to mention, getting rid of the temptation to scroll would be amazing.

Give me the phone, iMessage, mail, the ability to connect to AirPods, the health app, Apple Watch connectivity, and Apple Music and I would be set. I’d rather use my iPad/laptop for everything else.