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Made me think of the incorrect summary of Project wingman: "When defending the boat, we make the discovery that in this universe, missles are pigeon guided, and exhibit traits of self perseverance".

Checked it again, and it literally has the same picture from the Wikipedia entry lol.


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"Mr. Kennedy, do you know what is the worst part about owning a castle? Everyone expects a big titty vampire woman!

I have power here, internet even, she doesn't havee a working toliet; Yet she is beloved!"

"You wouldn't understand, you haven't seen her mommy milkers."

"Ah, what a popular phrase these days, tell me, Mr. Kennedy, do you know what an Oedipus complex is?"

"what are you saying old man?!"


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But wouldn't it basically be impossible to merge theism with accountability?

There's no definitive proof that anyone has spoken to, heard or even seen any devine entity, so the entire system is basically built on hearsay.

And because of that, it's impossible to police, since everyone's argument about how it should be run has the same amount of evidence (zero).


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Well that's because the publishers pointed out it was racist, so he agreed and changed it.

Nowadays it's busybodies with too much spare time doctoring anything that might cause minor offences, long after his death, and the books have been in print for decades.


As a left wing person, it feels exactly like "wokescolds", people who are too busy trying to score the most progressive points by pointing out flaws of people on the left, and trying to drive them off, meanwhile right wing hate groups are just gathering more power.


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Not really a "Scam" per say, but farming gold in RuneScape was a big deal in Venezuela.

For those who don't know what that means, they grind events/resources on the game to earn gold, then trade that gold to people in exchange for real money.

Sometimes they set up several bot ran accounts to farm resources, then trade it to a central account to earn gold on multiple beorkds at once.


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The imperial infantrymans uplifting primer has all the prayers at the end.

Though that strategy reminds me of Black Bess from Battlefield One; "She likes it when you swear".


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Lot of people are barely scraping by, so not many are willing to shell out for a subscription to tell them shit is indeed, fucked.

Remind me of the comic with the newsboy selling "How to avoid the alt right pipeline", for a $10 a month. When asked if there's anything they can read that doesn't require a subscription, he directs them to another newsboy giving away free copies of "How to join the alt right pipeline".


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One thing I just thought about, he (Rightfully) accused them of selling out to capitalists when it suits them, but is there any parallels to the Soviets deals with the Nazis?

Before the war, Germany did secret tank testing in Russia, as partt of a joint agreement, which gave them advancements other other countries bon tank design, not sure if Orwell would have known about that.

However, what was very publicly know was the Molotov-Ribbentrov pact, where the USSR signed a non aggression pact with the Nazis, in exchange for eastern Poland.

Obviously the Nazis betrayed them, but up till then, the Communists where alright with the Nazis, despite their idealogy being opposed.

On a way, the Nazis played both sides, capitalists where too afraid of the Communists, and vice versa, they where too preoccupied with each other, they let the Nazis get away with a lot more than they should (In the build up to the war).