JannaNYC t1_jae9blq wrote

> I broke up with him before many times because of this same issue but we keep getting back together.

So stop getting back together.

>I feel like he is now taking me for granted because he knows that I'll always be there whenever he returns.

See? You're smarter than you think. You already KNOW how he's manipulating you. Now block him everywhere, and move on with your life. It won't be easy, but you have to break this terribly abusive cycle. This isn't love, this is insanity. You deserve better than this, spend some time trying to figure out why you don't believe that.


JannaNYC t1_jach7lw wrote

If? {sigh}

A fifth of whiskey every day, those were your words. That's equivakent to about 16 shots. Every day.

He can't have sex, wants to spend less and less time with you, but uses pretty words occasionally to keep you on the hook. Take as old as time.

Alcoholics get more and more selfish with their time. It never ends well. Never. You are not married, you don't have seven kids with him, you don't own a house together, none of the myriad of reasons people may actually be stuck in a relationship. And you are not the one in a billion exception. You will not change him, and he will not change for you. What you're seeing now is his true colors.


JannaNYC t1_iuiquwj wrote

>She does get gov. Assistance

Her bills are paid on my dime, your dime, OP's dime. I wouldn't watch someone take my tax dollars then waste them while at the same time expecting me to feed them. Of course, I'd never be friends with this person in the first place.

Friends in need are welcome anytime. Friends in greed are not.


JannaNYC t1_iuipk67 wrote

There is nothing to handle right now except your wounded heart. Ignore her and her mother (which is insane, by the way), block them both and start working on healing. You didn't do anything wrong here.