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No it represents Germany. And you were talking about western powers which includes a hella lot more countries than western Europe.

I genuinely have no idea where you got Germany represents western Europe comes from. But I am pretty sure France and the uk at the very least would be quite upset at us just deciding for them.


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In parts sure. But there are a lot of things that could influence this either way. A global recession and the consequent slowdown of fossil fuel consumption would be a disaster for russia. If the economy booms and there is a ton of demand either way? Then the impact is far less pronounced.

Oil is to easy to trade and too important for the economy. Someone is always going to buy it. 30-40$ is the cut off for profitability for Russian oil. If it is above that then they will be mostly fine. Below that they are fucked.


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>Carbon emissions are way up overall, and were even before the war. Yes they are using more renewables in the mix, but overall the environmental impact of German energy policy has been getting worse.


this is just demonstrably untrue. 2020 is simply not representative due to industry shutting down and 2021 is still only slightly above 2020. Germanys Electricity mix is getting greener every year.

>Peak demand is winter and during the night. Solar is unable to meet those needs so in moving away from oil they have been burning coal instead.

Winter is also peak production time for wind. Which is why it is always the time we export most of our electricity.

>I agree with you that agenda over facts is a problem. I just caution you to re-examine which is which. Here is an expert on the subject explaining the issue of why solar in Germany has not gone well.

My dude your source is a dude on youtube. Mine is the Fraunhofer Institute ISE. Who made for example this study


Those are actual scientist working in the field showing exactly the pathway to 0 emmissions


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Now lets not overreact even before the war there were 130000 new heatpumps installed in germany every year. It is not like this is entirely unknown territory. Seeing as we actually also produce heatpumps in large scale in germany ourselves, I do not see why we wouldnt be able to install a lot in a few years time. Current goal of the economy and climate minister is 500 000 new heatpumps each year.


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Oil is easy enough to replace for russia, due to its liquid nature. Gas is another cattle of beast. Pipelines take time to build and those pipelines outside europe do not in fact in anyway replace the volume to europe. (doubly so because of the location of the gas fields in the west instead of siberia)

LNG is expensive to build and maintain. Mostly western expertise as well. So it is rather unlikely that russia is gonna enter that market full force anytime soon.


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How dense do you need to be to understand that germany is a NET exporter meaning we export more than we import. The electricity crisis is not of german make. We are importing a ton of electricity from sweden and export it further in the european net. We export to austria, swiss, france and Poland. If you want to complain, I suggest not picking the country with the biggest electricity export in europe this year