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"Sugar Hill Capital bought buildings throughout northern Manhattan just months before tenant protection laws limited its ability to raise rents and deregulate stabilized apartments."

My landlord made the 100 worst landlords list this year and operates a lot like the Sugar Hill Capital Partners that's mentioned in the article but they've also bought 3 more buildings in my immediate neighborhood in the Heights since the law changed. That makes it difficult to believe they can't profit from these buildings, just not as much as they'd hoped I presume.


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Walmart announced last month that they were also going to close a bunch of other stores across various parts of the country, including stores in Florida, Illinois, Arkansas, and Wisconsin. This is a problem everywhere unfortunately.

Edit: Just part of the "retail apocalypse". Best Buy announced that they're closing stores too, and they don't cite shoplifting as a factor.


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Remote workers will naturally be paid less though because they're competing with every other remote worker. When an employer can hire a full time developer in India for ₹700,000 a year, why would they pay someone in the States in $USD? If on the other hand what they really want is someone who'll come in to the office, they'll have to pay in accordance with the local cost of living to retain talent.


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"It will also include a $35,000 cap on the amount of outside income lawmakers can earn, though that won’t take effect until 2025."

They've tried limiting outside income before and the courts ruled they were overstepping their bounds. What's to say that doesn't happen again?


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Leaving out valuable context that was in your other post: you can't rent the bike yourself due to unpaid parking tickets and intend to use the bike working for delivery services. Oh and your post history is just one continuous red-flag of conspiracy theories and Covid denial. Someone would have to be pretty foolish to commit fraud for you, but hey...there's a sucker born every minute. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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I submitted a request a couple months back because a few years ago our landlord illegally filled in the tree pits in front of our building after the saplings there got damaged. Just received an update recently that said the Parks Department "determined that the requested location cannot receive a new tree because of conflicts with the surrounding infrastructure".


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Ah ok, well in that case:

"In NYC, when a tenant moves out of a rent controlled apartment, the apartment becomes decontrolled. If that apartment is in a building built before January 1, 1974, containing six or more units at any time, it becomes rent stabilized."

From HCR Fact Sheet #6

Edit: and just to be clear, the "Rent Control" status of the apartment would end when that tenant moved out. This just addresses whether or not the new lease you signed is under "Rent Stabilization". There's a whole section of that document I linked that talks about how the fair market rent of the formerly rent controlled apartment is determined.