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Maybe this is way too broad, but how did hereditary monarchs actually hold on to power? It was always presented to me as "Well, he's the son of the previous king, and everyone just agrees that's how kings work, so everyone just goes along with it." But the older I get, the more skeptical I am that the social class just below the monarch would blindly subject themselves to the monarch's authority for the sake of upholding tradition. Yet, many hereditary monarchies managed to hold onto power for centuries. How? How did they keep the other nobles complacent? Money? Violence? Or did the other nobles see themselves as equals with the monarchical family and didn't care that some guy was calling himself a king?


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Jfc, I didn't mean it's literal actual encryption. In terms of the difficulty of someone unintentionally finding the note it's LIKE encryption because they'd need the specific key to find it.

Has your middle school English class not covered similes yet?