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The ones I’ve attended have been pretty casual. If it’s a fairly decent-sized club with lots of members with their respective scopes set up, it should be pretty easy to accomodate kids with short attention spans. Of course all clubs are different, so your actual mileage may vary.


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Here’s a list of Boston Area Amateur Astronomy Clubs.

Clubs often have public viewing parties where members set up their gear for anyone to look through. Lots of knowledgeable folks who love to share their love of the night sky with kids and families. If your kids start to get serious about Astronomy, these clubs can be a valuable resource for buying the appropriate and affordable gear for the hobby. There’s lots of junk out there that will not only drain your wallet, but kill your kids’ enthusiasm.

Now is a good time to look up—especially at twilight and just after dark, where you can see multiple planets like Venus, Mars & Jupiter in the same part of the sky along with a pretty crescent Moon.

BTW, a nice pair of binoculars are also great for looking at the night sky, and are very portable and affordable.


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I touched it, but I’m old.

I also had a beer at Old City Tavern with Ben Franklin and Thom Jefferson. Did I mention that I’m old?


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Hudson has a lot going for it. The downtown has some really great places to eat and drink that are as good, if not better than Boston, Cambridge & Somerville. 495 is easy to access from multiple routes. The Assabet River Trail is a nice place to take an easy walk.

Another plus about Hudson is its municipal electric company, Hudson Light & Power. The rates it charges customers are significantly less than the large regional electric providers like Eversource. The only drawback to having its own power company is that it’s not part of the big MassSave pool of subsidized home heating and weatherization plans. HL&P’s rebates and incentives are pretty paltry in comparison to MassSave.


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Newton is a great place to live. I lived in the Auburndale village for a few years until being priced out of the market after my landlord wanted to retire to Florida and sold our place as a teardown to be replaced by condos. We were on Commonwealth Ave. and had an annual front row seat to the Boston Marathon, which practically ran through our front yard.

Auburndale is very walkable, with trails along the river and a carriage road that parallels Commonwealth Avenue for most of its length.

Newton-Wellsley Hospital is one of the better hospitals, and I know some of the staff. They’re a great bunch of professionals.

Don’t have kids, but my former neighbor did. He made a lot of financial sacrifices to stay in his apartment so his daughter could attend school there. That’s a testament to the quality of Newton schools.

They have a great public library, too.


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Ryobi makes a battery operated compressor that’s the same firm factor as a handheld drill. Just set the PSI, clamp it to the stem, push a button, and it’s automatic. Super simple. You can open find them on sale for about $30 or less. I love mine and keep it in my car all the time. One charge lasts forever, and it shares the same pack as other Ryobi cordless devices.