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I'm not sure about starting a business, but I am thinking of making more of them. I have an iPhone 7 that died after my sister threw it down the stairs that i am going to do this with, I just need the tri-point screwdriver to deal with those pesky uncommmon screws inside the phone. I might buy some from ebay aswell


JasperTheMaster08 OP t1_ja89zht wrote

I did make my own. The phone in the frame is my sisters iPhone 6s that died one day last year. I kept it for a while with the intent of making this kind of thing. Then when my dad bought an ifixit kit to replace his MacBook battery, I used the tools from it to tear down the phone. I then bought a frame from The Range. I designed the template using open office draw as it used centimetres for sizes. The font is apples own font, and I printed the template on card at a local shop that has a good printer in it.